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About the Congressional District Coordinator Network

What Is a Congressional District Coordinator (CDC)?

A Congressional District Coordinator (CDC) is the primary link between community activists in local Congressional districts and the US Campaign's nation-wide advocacy initiatives. CDC's are responsible for disseminating to the grassroots of their Congressional district national advocacy initiatives, scheduling regular constituent meetings with their Members of Congress, and reporting on progress to the US Campaign about their efforts with their Members of Congress.

What Do You Need to Become a CDC?

The ideal CDC will be a member of one or more local grassroots initiatives affiliated with the Campaign. At the minimum, a CDC is an individual member of the US Campaign and should have good contacts in her/his local community with civic, political, and/or religious organizations. If someone lives in a Congressional District in which there are no such initiatives or organizations, the CDC should be committed to starting one which will incorporate advocacy as part of its work and affiliate with the US Campaign.

What Are the Responsibilities of a CDC?

CDC's will be responsible for disseminating legislative “calls to action” and alerts and ensuring their implementation locally. The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation will send CDC's (along with all other members) these “calls to action” and alerts on issues of concern, which will include background information and analysis of the legislation and will outline steps that the US Campaign is calling for to be undertaken.

CDC's will periodically arrange meetings with their Members of Congress in their home districts. CDC's will be asked to report on progress to the Campaign so that it can learn better the positions of Members of Congress and follow up with them in Washington. These reports will also be used to compile “best practices” to share experiences in successful approaches to influencing positions and policies.

CDC's and their respective organizations are expected to join the US Campaign and pay membership dues ($100-$1,000+ per year for organizations, $30 for individuals).  To join the US Campaign, please click here.

CDC's will share experiences in their Congressional district and learn about the experiences of organizers in other Congressional districts through a moderated Congressional Task Force list-serve of the US Campaign. 

The total time commitment for CDC's will average about two hours per week and people who sign up as CDC's are expected to serve in this volunteer position through the end of the current Congress (2010).

Why Is the US Campaign Looking for CDC's?

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation relies on CDC's to form the grassroots backbone of a national advocacy effort to change U.S. policy toward Israel/Palestine to support human rights, international law, and equality. Linked together and pushing on the same issues at the same time, we can dramatically increase the power of our collective voice.

Should I Sign Up again as a CDC?

The US Campaign relaunched its CDC network in October 2009.  If you signed up as a CDC prior to this relaunch, then please sign up again to signal your continued interest in working with us as a CDC.

Are You Interested in Becoming a CDC?

If so, please complete the following brief form by clicking here