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The Road from Aqaba
Mouin Rabbani -- June 13, 2003 (Mouin Rabbani is a Middle East analyst currently residing in Amman, Jordan. The following article is used by permission from MERIP and can be found on the MERIP website.) On June 4, 2003, a high-profile summit at the Jordanian Red Sea resort of Aqaba brought together Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his Palestinian counterpart Mahmoud Abbas, under the auspices of George W. Bush, for the formal launch of the latest Middle East peace initiative. Within days of summit's end, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had entered one of its bloodiest periods in recent years. In view of the nature of the peace initiative and the method of its implementation, the newest "cycle of violence" should hardly have come as a surprise. >>READ MORE
A Road Map to the Oslo Cul-de-Sac
May 15th, 2003
Adam Hanieh and Catherine Cook (Adam Hanieh is a human rights worker and researcher living in Ramallah. Catherine Cook is media coordinator at the Middle East Research and Information Project. The following article is used by permission from MERIP and can be found on the MERIP website.) The "road map" to resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the subject of Secretary of State Colin Powell's recent diplomacy in the Middle East, may never reach the conclusion of its first phase. To date, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has yet to accept the initiative developed by the Quartet of the US, UN, European Union and Russia. >> READ MORE
The Road Map: A Peace Plan or Another Palliative?
May 12th, 2003
Naseer H. Aruri Unlike the September 13, 1993 Declaration of Principles (DOP), there is no Rose Garden ceremony or a historic hand shake. Absent also are the Oslo euphoria and the hasty declarations of victory for American diplomacy after 26 years of a crippling impasse. Ten years later, the impasse has deteriorated into open war against defenseless civilians, denied international protection by their oppressor in collusion with the sole conciliator and self-labeled “honest broker.” >>READ MORE
Q&A;: Property Destruction and Land Confiscation in Palestine
Since 1967, Israel has confiscated almost 750,000 acres of land from the 1.5 million acres comprising the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Israeli government has confiscated large areas of Palestinian land in East Jerusalem and designated them areas for exclusive Jewish use.
NOW AVAILABLE—US CAMPAIGN FLYER This one-page flyer—in PDF format—in straightforward language answers questions about the Israeli occupation, international protection, human rights activists, the "security wall," international law, and how to get involved to end the Israeli occupation. We've produced this flyer to be used in conjunction with events on the International Day of Action for Justice in Palestine on June 5, 2003, but it can also be used as a general flyer at other events. Feel free to download the PDF and reproduce it for distribution. [ CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FLYER IN PDF FORMAT]
"Non violence is a powerful and just weapon," Rev. Martin Luther King wrote forty years ago in his essay Why We Can’t Wait. "It is a weapon unique in history, which cuts without wounding . . . It is a sword that heals."" Now is the time for us to proclaim that right is on the side of the beleaguered Presbyterian Church and committed activists who have worked to exert international pressure on Israel as occupier. For the sake of the people of Palestine and Israel and a world in which military power does not always trump justice, we must work together to forge the divestment movement into Dr. King’s healing sword.
Israel's Wall: An Analysis of Its Legal Validity Under U.S. and International Law
The position paper "Israel's Wall: An Analysis of its Legal Validity Under U.S. and International Law" was prepared by Zaha Hassan and Steven Goldberg of the National Lawyers Guild. The National Lawyers Guild seeks to provide members of Congress with counsel on their obligations under US law and under international law with respect to Israel's continued construction of illegal Israeli settlements and of the Wall in the occupied Palestinian territories.
The Wall Defeats the Roadmap—Activists' Resource Packet
The US Campaign is pleased to host here a resource for activist’s entitled “The Wall Defeats the Roadmap” prepared by the Boston-Area Working Group on the Wall.
Mapping the Road Map
Phyllis Bennis—April 23, 2003 The "roadmap" is a negotiating plan created by a diplomatic four-some--the US, Russia, the European Union, and the United Nations--known as the Quartet. The group came together in August 2002 at the height of the international crisis that resulted from Israel's re-occupation of Palestinian cities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The roadmap was designed, ostensibly, to be presented to the two sides in a more or less take-it-or-leave-it fashion, to impose on the recalcitrant parties an internationally-sanctioned resolution of the conflict. >> READ MORE

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