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CAT Days of Action

Anglican Parish Divests from CAT!
CAT Shares Fall by 14.5 percent!

US Campaign's 4th Annual Conference, its member organizations passed a resolution to adopt the Cat Campaign as our National Campaign

We have proposed a strategy that is broad enough to allow all of our member organizations to participate in the Campaign in the manner that best suits their audience, skills, and resources, but narrow enough so that we are all working on a single initiative.

The CAT Campaign is comprised of three-pronged approach, grassroots, institutional and legislative. Pick the approach that best suits your organization or combine all three.

Caterpillar CEO Says, "Don't like CAT's practices? Then DIVEST."
June 15th, 2009
Find out what you can do to hold CAT accountable for home demolitions in Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank! Caterpillar tells shareholders to divest; The Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times both censored our ad; and the campaign keeps going.
June 10 - Caterpillar Shareholders' Meeting
May 15th, 2009
Find out how you can participate in the national day of action on June 10th, including online actions, protesting at the Caterpillar shareholders' meeting, and local demonstrations.
National Days of Action
Local initiatives culminate each year in two national days of action: March 16th and June 13th.
Day of Action Against Caterpillar
Ideas for taking part in an international day of action to protest Caterpillar bulldozer sales to the Israeli army.
National Day of Action: Wednesday June 14th
May 16th, 2006
Join the National Day of Action on June 14th by participating in the Chicago-based action or organize an action in your own community.