Divestment Resources

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is supporting the nation-wide municipal and state divestment initiative. This initiative was voted a top priority for national mobilization by activists on the Campaign listserv.

These divestment resources are intended to inform, educate and mobilize the public regarding the US government’s role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the way funds invested by municipalities and state governments, trade unions and other US organizations help sustain the occupation. The nation-wide divestment initiative is also a vehicle of change, as groups pressure for an end to the investment that enables Israel to carry out its military occupation, and call on municipal, state and federal governing bodies to issue statements opposing that occupation.

The US Campaign recognizes that there is no single “right way” to approach divestment from occupation. Given the grassroots nature of this effort, it is up to activists on the ground to decide what practices would work best in their localities. As municipal and state divestment efforts gather momentum, the US Campaign website will enable groups to share their experiences, information gathered, lessons learned, and successes.

Starting a Divestment Campaign
TAKE STEPS TO START A DIVESTMENT CAMPAIGN TODAY! Find out what steps your group can take to start a divestment campaign in your local community.

Divestment Resources
GET RESOURCES FOR YOUR DIVESTMENT CAMPAIGN Find out what divestment resources are available at the US Campaign; download an activists' kit on divestment and sample leaflets and fliers on divestment.

Support Presbyterian Church’s Courageous Stand
On July 2, the 216th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted 431-62 “to begin gathering data to support a selective divestment of holdings in multinational corporations doing business in Israel/Palestine.” Please take a moment to call or write the Presbyterian Church (USA) and thank them for this important resolution.

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) Statement on Sanctions
On January 27, 2005 the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions released a statement in support of selective divestment.

Caterpillar Campaign
The company which best exemplifies the interest of US corporations in the Occupation and the complete refusal to address human rights concerns in the region is Caterpillar. The most destructive weapon of the Occupation may not be an F-16 or helicopter gunship, but rather, an armor plated D-9 or D-11 bulldozer. These are the machines that have demolished thousands of homes, uprooted countless olive trees, and carved gaping holes in roads, making them impassable. Even when used in Israel’s colonial intrusions on the land through construction of illegal housing or bypass roads, CAT equipment is being used daily in the commission of war crimes and violations of human rights. For this reason, the US Campaign is providing information for activists that want to join with many other organizations working for an end to the occupation by endorsing a multi-faceted campaign to pressure Caterpillar to cease doing business with Israel until the occupation ends.

Why Divestment? And Why Now?
US Campaign Steering Committee Member David Wildman explores the divestment movement in the August/September 2006 edition of The Link.

Elizabeth Corrie: 'Investors can act to prevent civilian suffering'
Extracted from a speech delivered to a War on Want public meeting at the House of Commons by the American teacher and activist. Published: 21 October 2005