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Approaches: Grassroots, Institutional, and Legislative

Grassroots Approach
Political education and awareness campaigns - the goals of which are to collect CAT postcards and to encourage small business owners and families to place placards/signs that read "CAT FREE ZONE" on their storefronts and/or windows.
Institutional Approach
Political education and awareness campaign targeting institutions like churches, school boards, city councils, university student bodies, and municipalities and encouraging them to pass resolutions condemning CAT sales to Israel and declaring that as a CAT FREE ZONE the institution will not use CAT equipments or products in any of its projects.
Legislative Approach
Target congresspersons to call for a General Accounting Office investigation to examine whether or not CAT is in violation of the Arms Export Control Act. This also targets congresspersons who receive PAC money from CAT to refuse CAT money in the next election.