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Caterpillar Shareholders' Meeting

Stop Caterkiller - June 10th Day of Action

Caterpillar bulldozers are a poignant symbol for the destruction that military occupation and apartheid have brought to Palestinians and Israelis alike.  Cat sells the Israeli military armor-ready bulldozers, which are then used to destroy Palestinian homes, agricultural land and build the apartheid wall.  The Israeli Military has crushed several people to death, including Washington state native Rachel Corrie, using Caterpillar bulldozers.

Join human rights advocates across the country in using Caterpillar's annual shareholder meeting to draw attention to Cat's crimes in Palestine/Israel and call for corporate accountability!

Contact Caterpillar's Management
Send Caterpillar's management a message demanding they end support for the destruction of Palestinian homes and Israel's apartheid wall.
Write an Op-Ed About Caterpillar's Crimes in Palestine
Get involved in the media discussion. Use our tools to write an op-ed for your local newspapers and blogs, ask why Caterpillar is violating Palestinian rights instead of building our economy.
Participate in a Stop Caterkiller Protest Near You!
Join human rights advocates across the country protesting on June 10th, the day that Caterpillar shareholders will have their annual meeting.
Sign Up as a Local Stop Caterkiller Organizer!
Get your community involved in the campaign to stop Caterkiller! Sign up and you will receive useful resources to organize locally.
Learn More
Find out about the relevant international law, legal cases brought against Caterpillar for its crimes in Palestine/Israel, and how groups can join the campaign to stop Caterkiller.