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Boycott & Divestment Action Alert Archives

Fall 2009 Campus Organizing Tour
The US Campaign will visit 5 cities to spark and strengthen boycott and divestment campaigns on campuses. Find out more about this organizing tour and apply to bring it to your area.

Take Action: Stop Settlement Profiteers!
Ahava cosmetics has a dirty little secret - its support for Israel's illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. Find out more about this company, the campaign to change its ways and how you can take action.

Tell the Department of Energy to sanction, not award, Motorola Israel
The DOE recently announced a $900,000 contract with Motorola Israel. Tell the DOE about Motorola's support for human rights abuses and violations of international law and demand that they end the contract.

A Message From Palestine/Israel
A brief summary of lessons learned during the recent US Campaign-Interfaith Peace-Builders delegation to Israel/Palestine.

Caterpillar CEO Says, "Don't like CAT's practices? Then DIVEST."
Find out what you can do to hold CAT accountable for home demolitions in Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank! Caterpillar tells shareholders to divest; The Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times both censored our ad; and the campaign keeps going.

Stop Caterkiller!
Caterpillar provides the machinery of occupation and apartheid - their equipment is used to demolish Palestinian homes and agricultural land and to build illegal Jewish-only settlements and the apartheid wall. Take action to hold CAT accountable for these crimes in Israel/Palestine

AIPAC Is Afraid of Us!
Find out why our boycott and divestment work has AIPAC worried about public support for Israel's occupation.

Tell Moto Management "War Profits Equal Lost Profits"
May 4th is Motorola's annual shareholders' meeting - find out how you can take action to hold them accountable for their involvement in Israel's military occupation and illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

Don't Buy Apartheid? Don't Buy Motorola!
August 22nd, 2008
After a year of research and corporate engagement with Motorola they still support Israeli apartheid. Now we're putting our money where our mouth is and boycotting Motorola. Click the headline above to sign our pledge not to buy Moto products until they respect international law and Palestinian human rights.

Tell the Department of Energy to Dump Motorola!
Recently, the Department of Energy announced a new contract with Motorola Israel, the company that provides both "virtual fences" for illegal West Bank settlements and communications equipment for the Israeli military. Tell the DOE to Dump Moto!

Support Student Divestment at the University of California!
April 13th, 2010
UC Berkeley's student senate voted to divest from two corporations profiting from Israel's illegal occupation. The president of the student senate vetoed the resolution, but there's still a chance to override that veto. ACT NOW!

Two Simple BDS Actions for Land Day
Answer the call for the second annual international day of BDS action - support student divestment and use social media to advance cultural boycott.

BDS Successes and Training Opportunities
The US Campaign is excited to announce two major Danish divestment victories and growing campus activism in North America. We are also pleased to invite you to a series of trainings and workshops in the Southwest and Mid-Atlantic United States.

Victory! Credo Mobile Hangs Up On Motorola
Our supporters have been asking Credo Mobile to dump Motorola for over a year and now they no longer offer Motorola phones. Use our action form to send Credo a thank you email.

Take Action to Hold Caterpillar Accountable
June 10th Day of Action to hold Caterpillar accountable for violations of international law perpetrated with their equipment. Help us reach our goal of 4000 emails to Cat management or attend an event in your area.

Join us in Israel/Palestine this summer!
Learn more about the US Campaign's joint delegation with Interfaith Peace Builders July 25-Aug 7. Find out what we'll be doing and how you can apply for financial aid for the trip.

Take Action to Hold Motorola Shareholders Accountable!
April 22nd, 2009
Find out how you can get involved in our protests observing Motorola's annual shareholder meeting, no matter where you are. Let those who profit most from Moto know that their support for Israeli settlements & occupation is under scrutiny.

Take Action - Keep the pressure on Motorola
April 10th, 2009
Now that we've checked off our first demand of Motorola, we need to push even harder for the other two. Find out about creative ways to get involved in the Hang Up On Motorola boycott!

Bring the US Campaign to Your Area!
March 24th, 2009
Learn more about the the US Campaign's Campus Organizing Tour. Apply now to bring the Tour to your area in October, 2009 or support the tour by donating today!

March Is Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Action Month
Join the US Campaign and our allies around the world celebrating a month of action supporting boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) targeting Israel's military occupation.

Demand Corporate Accountability from Motorola/Motorola Israel
February 26th, 2008