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Dump-Derail-Drown Veolia Campaign

Dump Veolia is the flagship global BDS campaign and has enjoyed successes around the world. Veolia is a French multinational corporation with many ties to the Israeli occupation. It services illegal Israeli settlements by operating a landfill and wastewater treatment plant, and is involved in the construction and operation of a tramway linking West Bank settlements to East Jerusalem, further entrenching the occupation. Coalition member groups and others around the world are working to Stop Veolia contracts and pass resolutions to divest from this corporation until it ends its complicity in the occupation.

UPDATE: In September 2013, Veolia Transdev sold off all bus lines operating throughout Israel/Palestine -- a historic BDS win! Please note that some of the content in this section was created before this significant development, and may include reference to the bus lines.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Check out this fantastic resource of the Economic Activism Project of US Campaign member group Global Exchange. You will find information about Veolia's transgressions, successful Veolia campaigns worldwide, U.S. contracts (does your city have one?), and tips for how to start your own local Veolia campaign!

What makes Veolia Campaigns So Brilliant! Are you considering a BDS campaign in your local community? Veolia campaigns are becoming among the most popular BDS campaign in the United States for many good reasons. 

How to start your own Veolia campaign! Convinced that you want to do a Veolia campaign? Find out how to get started.

Need Resources? Find fact sheets, toolkits, visuals, action alerts, and many other materials to help your campaign. 

Veolia BDS Wins! Check out the great success of Veolia campaigns in the United States.

Veolia Take Action
Veolia BDS Victories! Join Us for a National Call to Learn More!
by Anna Baltzer, National Organizer
November 14th, 2013
St. Louis Dumps Veolia and TIAA-CREF Divests Social Choice portfolio from Veolia! A historic U.S. moment in the flagship global BDS campaign...
Veolia Sells Off All Bus Lines in Israel/Palestine!
by Anna Baltzer, National Organizer
September 24th, 2013
Following years of global campaigning, major victory shows the power of BDS organizing