Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What have our member groups been up to?

A random smattering of stories about US Campaign member groups this month: Motorola shareholder meeting--US Campaign supporters from as far away as Ann Arbor traveled to Chicago to join the Coalition Against Apartheid in Palestine, DePaul Students for Justice in Palestine, and the Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace and Justice in the Middle East outside of the Motorola shareholders' meeting on May 4, 2009. These advocates for justice educated Motorola shareholders about their culpability for Israel's military occupation and apartheid practices. Inside the meeting, our shareholding allies proposed a human rights resolution. While the human rights resolution didn't pass this time, it did garner enough votes to be voted on again next year - an important victory in our ongoing campaign to hold Motorola accountable. Our online-activism surrounding the Motorola shareholders' meeting smashed our expectations, with our supporters sending over 3,700 emails demanding accountability from Motorola's management. Help us keep the pressure up--sign up to be a local Motorola boycott organizer by clicking here. AIPAC Conference--Member groups and allies of the US Campaign were present to make their voices heard at the annual AIPAC convention held in Washington, DC, May 3-5. Jewish Voice for Peace sponsored a roving billboard outside of the AIPAC conference, calling for an investigation into how U.S. tax dollars were used to harm civilians in Gaza. JVP volunteers were also present to pass out flyers and talk to conference participants. Meanwhile, inside the convention, CODEPINK made sure to let Israeli President Shimon Peres and AIPAC conference participants know that the world hasn't forgotten about Gaza. For a firsthand account from CODEPINK member Rae Abileah, click here. The folks over at Mondoweiss provided coverage and analysis of the convention. And the Jewish Telegraph Agency put together this video summary of the convention: Nakba Commemoration--The Palestine/Israel Human Rights action group at Central High School in Philadelphia, PA, organized a day of silence in recognition of the 61 years that have passed since Al Nakba. Several dozen students signed a vow of silence for the day to draw attention to the dispossession experienced by Palestinians from 1948 until today and the plight of Palestinian refugees. The group reports that in one class, all but 7 students had signed the pledge. Are you involved with a member group of the US Campaign? Let us know what you're up to by emailing blog.endtheoccupation@gmail.com, and we'll post your update here. If your group isn't a member of the US Campaign, join us by clicking here!