Thursday, August 20, 2009

An Israeli activist endorses boycotts as BDS movement wins another important victory

Hello readers and Enders of Occupations, We've got a few posts in the works for your reading pleasure. In the meantime, Israeli activist Neve Gordon has a powerful op-ed in today's LA Times explaining why he has come to the conclusion that boycott, divestment, and sanction is the only way to end Israel's illegal and immoral occupation:
"It is indeed not a simple matter for me as an Israeli citizen to call on foreign governments, regional authorities, international social movements, faith-based organizations, unions and citizens to suspend cooperation with Israel. But today, as I watch my two boys playing in the yard, I am convinced that it is the only way that Israel can be saved from itself."
Gordon goes on to say that he is concerned that his children and Palestinian children are facing a situation of modern-day apartheid:
"The question that keeps me up at night, both as a parent and as a citizen, is how to ensure that my two children as well as the children of my Palestinian neighbors do not grow up in an apartheid regime." (Apartheid. Photo by ActiveStills.)
Gordon's op-ed is timely, as the global BDS movement can declare yet another victory today:
"The British bank BlackRock has divested from Lev Leviev settlement projects on West Bank. The divestment follows pressure by three Norwegian banks marketing BlackRock funds. BlackRock was second biggest shareholder in the controversial Israeli firm."
Click here to read more. Want to get involved in the global movement for boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israeli occupation and apartheid but not sure where to start? Check out the US Campaign's BDS resources and join the movement today!