Thursday, August 6, 2009

Latest report from US Campaign/Interfaith Peace-Builders delegation to Israel/Palestine

The third report from the delegation co-sponsored by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and Interfaith Peace-Builders is now available. Check out the full report here. US Campaign Steering Committee member David Matos is on the delegation. Here he recounts a conversation with their Israeli host at a kibbutz near the Gaza border:

"“We are responsible for what we do… Israelis don’t realize how strong we are… The stronger [party] in the conflict must take the first step.” Before taking a short tour of the kibbutz, our Israeli-American host closed by urging us emphatically, “If you want to do one thing for peace, support President Barack Obama holding both sides accountable.”"

In order to hold both sides accountable, our policy toward Israel/Palestine will have to change from one based on militarism to one based on international law and human rights. Get involved with the struggle for justice and accountability by clicking here. (The Erez border crossing into Gaza. Click here for more photos from the delegation.)