Monday, August 31, 2009

Roger Waters knows a thing or two about walls

Check out "Walled Horizons," a new video documentary on the Apartheid Wall produced by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OCHA-oPt), featuring former Pink Floyd bass player and song writer Roger Waters--who's written one or two little ditties about walls in the past that you may be familiar with. Additionally, the film features Palestinians affected by the the Wall and three Israeli senior security officials, two of whom were directly responsible for planning its route and explain the Israeli position on constructing the Wall. Part I: Part II: Opposing the construction of the Apartheid Wall and calling for it to be dismantled has been one aspect of the US Campaign's work since our 2nd Annual National Organizers' Conference. U.S. political, economic, and corporate support of the Israeli occupation translates into support for the Wall and for other aspects of Israeli apartheid. Click here to view our Stop the Wall resources; click here to get involved with holding some of the corporations who profit from the Wall accountable for their actions; click here to learn how to work to cut off U.S. military aid for Israel's occupation. And, just in case you have no idea what Roger Waters has to do with walls: Walls block peace and impose apartheid. Working for human rights and justice means that we are in the business of bringing walls down.