Tuesday, August 11, 2009

US Campaign/IFPB delegation participants share impressions of Jerusalem

Although the delegation to Israel/Palestine cosponsored by Interfaith Peace-Builders and the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation has returned home, we continue to post reflections and reports written by delegates in order to share their important experiences. You can click here to read the delegations report on their visits to Jerusalem. Here's US Campaign Steering Committee member David Matos on settlements in East Jerusalem and the Obama Administration:
"To make a peace where Israel and Palestine share Jerusalem will require the world community to confront these policies, specifically the settlements which seem to have become "facts on the ground" to divide and fragment an Arab East Jerusalem. The Obama administration has taken a strong stand against settlements, including those in East Jerusalem. Despite the US call to enforce a settlement freeze, the Netanyahu regime in Israel has thumbed its nose at Obama's challenge. They have declared several new settlement projects in East Jerusalem, most recently 20 units in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. Increasingly, pro-Israeli media have become more shrill on the issue. Just last Monday a settler group held a protest at the Israeli Knesset and settler youth have taken the offensive creating some twenty new illegal outposts. Obama is right on this issue and it is critical that we support him and not buckle to pressure from the pro-Israeli right."
Help the U.S. stop Israeli settlements by signing up as a local organizer. Join the struggle against U.S. support of Israeli violations of international law today! (A photo of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem taken by a member of the delegation. Click here for more photos).