Wednesday, August 12, 2009 "The Cellular Companies and the Occupation"

At the end of July, we wrote about an Israeli cell phone commercial portraying a "friendly" soccer game being played over the Apartheid Wall and how it relates to the wider fact of companies profiting from Israeli occupation and apartheid. Now,, a website run by the Israeli Coalition of Women for Peace, has published a report on Israeli cell phone companies and their involvement in the occupation, including MIRS, a subsidiary of Motorola Israel. Here's an excerpt from the report:
"All four [cell phone companies], Cellcom, Partner, MIRS and Pelephone, operate service stores in West Bank settlements. Additionally, MIRS is the exclusive provider of cellular phone services to the Israeli army (since 2005 and at least until 2011). This company installs communication units in army vehicles and it builds communication facilities in army bases throughout the West Bank and Golan Heights. The company also offers special rates for service personnel and their family members."
Motorola's special relationship with the Israeli army and the Israeli settlement enterprise has long made it a target of boycott by groups and individuals concerned with violations of human rights and international law experienced by Palestinians living under occupation, including the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. In 2008, the US Campaign brought to the attention of Motorola its complicity in Israel's human rights violations and military occupation and call on the corporation to cease producing and selling equipment to the Israeli army to prevent its involvement in future abuses. The US Campaign launched and is coordinating a national consumer boycott of Motorola cell phones to raise awareness of its profiteering from human rights abuses and to tarnish its corporate image for doing so. Click here to learn more about the boycott, and click here to sign up as a local organizer for our Hang Up on Motorola campaign. Interested in advancing the work of the US Campaign this fall? Click here to find out more about internship opportunities with the US Campaign during Fall 2009.