Tuesday, February 16, 2010

US Campaign member group speaks out in Kansas City Jewish Chronicle

Representatives of US Campaign member group Citizens for Justice in the Middle East have published a great piece in the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle in response to recent articles attacking their work. Check it out:

CJME, since 2003, has advocated for a just peace between Israel and Palestine as an obvious benefit to Israel, Palestine, the entire Middle East and, of course, to our own United States. To do that, we have criticized Israel for its 43-year occupation of Palestine and its ongoing confiscation of Palestinian homes, farms and businesses.... Alas, the Israeli government wants the whole, as demonstrated by the nearly half-million settlers, illegal by international law, who build in Palestine and who, often at gunpoint, drive Palestinians from their homes. The settlers are supported by Israeli government subsidies and U.S. taxes ($7 to $10 million per day)....Unfortunately, because so few in the U.S. government will speak freely, the settlers have painted Israel into a corner. Those who consider themselves friends of Israel have done it no favors by funding settlements and by permitting the Israeli government to continually defy the United States and international law.

Read the full article here, and get tips and media action resources for your own op-eds and letters to the editor by clicking here. To find a US Campaign member group near you, click here.