Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Critical Thinker: "I'm curious what term Cohen would deem appropriate"

We're happy to introduce guest blogger Critical Thinker, who has this to say about Richard Cohen's apartheid-denying column in the Washington Post. Find media action resources for your own response to Cohen and other defenders of Israeli apartheid by clicking here.
I'm curious then as to what term Cohen would deem appropriate to describe the systematic denial of building permits for Palestinians while Israel continues to build illegal settlements, the eviction of Palestinians from East Jerusalem while Jewish settlers take over their homes, the unequal distribution of Palestinian water to the disproportionate benefit of Israel and the settlements over Palestinians, and the approval of "Jews-only housing" in Jaffa. The simple truth is, while Israeli policies do not match up perfectly to those of the South African apartheid regime, there is no question that they are still discriminatory, a violation of Palestinians' most basic human rights, cannot be defended on security grounds, and must be resisted by people of conscience.