Friday, April 9, 2010

Benjamin Netanyahu's Nephew in the Christian Science Monitor: "Peace for Israelis and Palestinians? Not without America's tough love"

Jonathan Ben-Artzi was one of the spokespeople for the Hadash party in the Israeli general elections in 2006 and is a PhD student at Brown Univeristy. He also happens to be Benjamin Netanyahu's nephew, but we won't hold that against him, especially after this great piece in the Christian Science Monitor:
Sometimes it takes a good friend to tell you when enough is enough. As they did with South Africa two decades ago, concerned citizens across the US can make a difference by encouraging Washington to get the message to Israel that this cannot continue....Americans are heavily involved in the conflict: from funding (the US provides Israel with roughly $3 billion annually in military aid) to corporate investments (Microsoft has one of its major facilities in Israel) to diplomatic support (the US has vetoed 32 United Nations Security Council resolutions unsavory to Israel between 1982 and 2006).
Ben-Artzi goes on to describe some of the apartheid conditions he witnessed growing up in Israel:
Some of the acts of segregation that I saw while growing up in Israel include towns for Jews only, immigration laws that allow Jews from around the world to immigrate but deny displaced indigenous Palestinians that same right, and national healthcare and school systems that receive significantly more funding in Jewish towns than in Arab towns....The situation in the occupied territories is even worse. Nearly 4 million Palestinians have been living under Israeli occupation for over 40 years without the most basic human and civil rights.
Check out the rest of the article here, and find out how you can oppose military aid to Israel, join in the movement for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS), and stand up against Israeli apartheid.