Friday, April 9, 2010

Business Weekly: "End Israel's Allowance"

Another sign of changing discourse on U.S. policy toward Israel/Palestine: A commentary piece in Business Weekly calls for an end in U.S. aid to Israel:
"Israel will get $2.7 billion in military aid from the U.S. this year -- or 18 percent of Israel’s military budget. By 2013, that will lock into an annual level of $3.15 billion for five years. It also has almost $4 billion outstanding in available U.S. loan guarantees, left over from $9 billion extended at former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s request in 2003.... Back in 2007, when U.S. President George W. Bush pushed through a 10-year military aid agreement with Israel, Nicholas Burns, then undersecretary of state, said the U.S. considered the cumulative $30 billion in assistance to Israel “to be an investment in peace -- in long-term peace.” Now may be a good time to check the return on that investment."
We can't afford U.S. military aid to Israel, and the return on the "investment in peace" has been ongoing war and occupation. Click here to find out how you can organize against U.S. military aid to Israel on Tax Day.