Friday, April 16, 2010

Cecilie Surasky of JVP on UC Berkeley divestment movement: "The future is clear and it's already here."

Cecilie Surasky of US Campaign member group Jewish Voice for Peace writes on UC Berkeley divestment debate at Mondoweiss:

"The future is clear and it's already here. It is a multicultural (and queer-integrated) universe bound together by a belief in full equality. Period.

Silence and apathy are the friends of the status quo. Sunlight, debate, facts, passion- these are what justice requires to grow. Open debates like the one UC Berkeley held last night simply must happen at campuses everywhere. The students of SJP have already won by making this debate happen. The whole campus is talking about Israel and Palestine. Last night's forum and vote will forever impact the lives of every person who was in that room. And the new connections made have strengthened the movement in ways none of us imagined.

No wonder Israeli Consulate General Akiva Tor stayed for the entire vote. If I were he and it were my job to protect Israel's occupation, I'd be worried. Very worried."

Read the full article here. Want this to happen on campuses everywhere? Check out the US Campaign's campus divestment resources, and get the open debate started today!