Thursday, April 29, 2010

From UC Berkeley divestment supporters: "We lost the vote, but won the night."

The ASUC Senate at UC Berkeley fell one vote short of the 14 needed to override a veto of a bill calling for divestment from two companies, General Electric and United Technologies, that directly profit off of human rights violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. From Cal Divest from Apartheid:

"We lost the vote, but won the night.

13 senators voted to override, 14 were required. Only 5 senators voted to uphold, less than half the 13.

We made a statement recorded for posterity and forced everyone to listen and watch what the nature of Israeli occupation is, to listen to Palestinian voices, from Palestine and from the US, telling their stories. These transcripts will stay preserved in recorded history, and we shall overcome.

Make no mistake, we lost the vote, but we won the night.


Cal Divest Team"

As we've said before, this conversation needs to happen on every campus. Find out how you can make that happen using US Campaign campus divestment resources.