Friday, April 30, 2010

More CAT Crimes: "Caterpillar equipment used in extrajudicial killing near Hebron"

Electronic Intifada passes along the following press release from the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights:
"On Monday 26 April 2010, Israeli occupation forces killed a Palestinian man, Ali Ismael Ali Swaiti, 45, in Beit Awwa in the West Bank district of Hebron, after demolishing a house while he was inside. Israeli occupation forces claim that Ali Swaiti had been wanted for several years. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns this crime -- which constitutes an extrajudicial execution -- and calls upon the international community to work towards bringing to trial those Israeli politicians and commanders suspected of committing war crimes."
You can read the rest of the release here, which confirms that Caterpillar equipment was involved in this extrajudicial assassination and that "the bulldozer lifted the body of Swaiti out of the rubble and dropped it onto a road close to the demolished house before moving it another 10 meters away." Caterpillar bulldozers are specially adapted (with the cooperation of Caterpillar) for house demolitions like this one. Caterpillar bulldozers have also been used to destroy houses with occupants still inside in Jenin and Gaza. Join the fight to stop Caterkiller by ordering an organizing packet and sending a message to CAT management today. (Also check out this report from a direct action at a Caterpillar distribution center organized by students at Macalester College in MN.)