Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Media Coverage and Major Victories

Hi folks, We know that you all have been busy responding to the Gaza Freedom Flotilla massacre. Thank you for all that you do for justice, human rights, and peace. We just wanted to share with you that we've been compiling media coverage of the US Campaign and member groups during this crisis. Check it out, and let us know if your organization has received media coverage that we can include. In the midst of emergency responses to the attack on the flotilla, there have been major developments and victories related to the ongoing priorities of the US Campaign. Here's three examples: 1) Former UN Assistant Secretary General Dr. Peter Bourne has asked the US State Department to rule on Israel's use of U.S. weapons in attack on Gaza Flotilla, and he credits the US Campaign with the research; check it out by clicking here. 2) Evergreen College students voted by 79.5% to divest, and by 71.8% to establish a Caterpillar free campus Please send emails to the school encouraging them to carry out what the students have vote for. 3) The Pixies canceled their upcoming conference in Israel--the direct catalyst being the flotilla, but the groundwork for which was laid by the US Campaign and member groups in response to a call from Boycott Within. Great work everyone--may these victories give us new energy and motivation for the ongoing struggle! Thanks, peace, David