Tuesday, June 1, 2010

US Campaign national staff and member groups respond to Gaza Freedom Flotilla massacre across the United States

Across the United States, US Campaign member groups and allies have been taking to the street to demand truth and justice after the Israeli military's brutal attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.
A list of ongoing protests is available at the Gaza Freedom March website.
The US Campaign has created a web section dedicated to emergency responses to the massacre and acts of aggression directed against civilians in international waters by the Israeli military. Click here to take action, here to download resources for protests, and here to see US Campaign staff, board members, and members in the news.
In Washington, DC, staff and interns from the US Campaign National Office have attended protests at the Israeli Embassy and the White House. Check out an article about these protests on the DC blog DCist, and check out this video that was included in a Ha'aretz report about the attack:
At Huffington Post, US Campaign Steering Committee member Phyllis Bennis writes from Istanbul:
"No one disputed that Israel has the military power to assault and overpower the boats, to force them away from Gaza's shores and to arrest the hundreds of activists on board. Decades of uncritical U.S. support - including consistent use of the Security Council veto to protect Israel from being held accountable for its crimes in the United Nations, and most recently the Bush-initiated and Obama-implemented commitment of $30 billion in military aid to Israel - has insured that military power, nuclear and conventional, remains unchallengeable in the region and beyond. U.S. complicity in the massacre is beyond question....For now, we mourn for our friends and colleagues, we continue to demand information on the victims and demand that the surviving activists and their ships with all their humanitarian cargo be immediately released so they can join the rest of the Flotilla already underway and continue to Gaza. And as we mourn, our full demands must be for the immediate lifting of the criminal blockade of Gaza - the end of the blockade, not simply allowing a few additional items in under Israeli control. And then we must demand full international accountability, including criminal liability, for the Israeli officials, both political leaders and military commanders, who are responsible for the Flotilla Massacre. The United Nations, the International Criminal Court, and every national government should be prepared to investigate and to arrest those responsible."
Read the full article here, and click here to take action now!