Monday, May 9, 2011

Daily Forward illustrates its own blindness toward rising campus activism

Consider weighing in with your own view on the following article and video commentary by Josh Nathan-Kazis at the Jewish Daily Forward, where he claims that the spreading phenomenon of U.S. university campus BDS activism -- which we have recently blogged here and here and here and here -- is "airy rhetoric ... achieving very little." Obviously we beg to differ with this analysis, but take a look for yourself...

Survey of Campus BDS Finds Few Serious Cases

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An Israeli diplomat issued a stark warning to a roomful of Jewish communal professionals at a major Jewish convention last fall. The campaign to impose boycotts, divestment and sanctions on Israel, he said, amounts to putting “a practical warhead on the tip of an ideological rocket.”

The Israeli official, a public diplomacy officer with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs named D.J. Schneeweiss, was not alone in describing in drastic terms the threat posed by the international anti-Israel campaign, known by the acronym BDS, at the New Orleans convention of the Jewish Federations of North America. Since the blow-up months earlier at the University of California, Berkeley, over a student government resolution calling on the school to divest from firms selling weapons to Israel, concern over the BDS movement had been at the forefront of the Jewish communal agenda. Communal officials warned that it gave everyday activists a concrete outlet for their efforts.

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How Strong is BDS on Campus? from Jewish Forward on Vimeo.