Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Have TIAA-CREF? Join a Call-in Day, Tomorrow, June 1!

We Divest is a US Campaign-endorsed initiative.

Tell TIAA-CREF: "You can’t censor me!
You can’t continue investing in Occupation!"

TIAA-CREF thinks it can ignore Israeli violations of human rights and international law by censoring discussion among their clients. Activists with retirement funds in TIAA- CREF recently introduced a shareholder resolution about companies in the TIAA-CREF portfolio that profit from illegal Israeli Occupation. TIAA-CREF responded by quashing the resolution and refusing to place it on the shareholder ballot.

Join us in telling TIAA-CREF: You can’t censor us, and you can’t continue investing in Occupation!

On June 1st, 2011, the We Divest Campaign will host a call-in day nationwide. Join activists from across the country in telling TIAA-CREF it’s time to stop censoring discussion and time to start divesting from Occupation!

Take it to the Streets!

Four Easy Action Ideas for the We Divest Call-in Day:

1. Pick up your phone and call TIAA-CREF CEO, Roger Ferguson.
2. Distribute the email call far and wide.
3. Set up a “take five table” in a high traffic area of town.
4. Host a calling party or a phone bank.