Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ask Jello Biafra to observe the cultural boycott of Israel

Free Palestine Movement is a coalition member of the US Campaign. 

The Free Palestine Movement this week launched a campaign of individual emails targeting Jello Biafra and asking him not to perform in Israel. You can send a personalized email based on this one:

Dear Jello,
In 1948, 800,000 Palestinians were driven by force from their homes during the creation of the State of Israel. To this day, their right of return as guaranteed by the United Nations has not been granted. In many cases refugees still hold the keys to their homes. 
The ethnic cleansing of non-Jews continues as Jewish-only settlements are being built in the West Bank. The collective punishment and siege of Gaza also continues and rebuilding of infrastructure remains impossible after the destruction caused by Operation Cast Lead in 2008.
Please consider joining Elvis Costello, The Gorillaz, The Pixies and others in observing the cultural boycott of Israel by canceling your show in Tel Aviv on July 2.