Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Coalition Member CU-Divest Delivers Petition to Regents

We are proud to announce CU-Divest as a new coalition member of the US Campaign!

Yesterday at the Board of Regents meeting at the University of Colorado Springs campus, a local “grassroots movement” called CU-Divest! stood at the public forum segment of the Regents meeting and appealed to the Regents to divest from Israeli apartheid.

Local activist, Michael Rabb spoke for about two minutes and delivered the group’s petition with 1500 signatures calling on the University to divest from companies that support Israel’s occupation, colonization and apartheid.

Rabb said, the premise for our request is Israel is doing is doing some absolutely awful and inhumane things to the people of Palestine.  For 44 years Israel has enforced a crushing military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, Israel continues even now expanding their colonization (that would be jewish-only settlements) and systematically administers a system of apartheid against the indigenous people of Palestine.  Israel takes Palestinian land and water. Israel taxes Palestinians and builds houses and roads for Jews only on Palestinian land.  Israel separates Palestinian neighborhoods and walls them up as ghettos or Bantustans as the whites did to blacks in South Africa. 

CU community members advocate divestment from South Africa in the 1980s.
The Board of Regents has a choice have a choice to make.  Just like in the 1980s when they voted to divest from South African apartheid, and just like five years ago when the Regents voted to divest from Sudan’s genocide, once again the University of Colorado has a choice to make.  The University of Colorado must say no to apartheid.
Our campaign has really gained momentum in the last few months through the action of our petition drive.  A number of students and some faculty have signed on to our cause (Learn more about the campaign here).  CU students have started a student organization at the Boulder campus and are organizing some great events for the fall semester to bring the attention of the University community to this issue.

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