Thursday, June 23, 2011


World Famous Dutch DJ Armin Van Buuren is scheduled to play in Eilat on June 30th.  

Israeli citizens have written a letter to Armin Van Buuren (below) to ask him to support peace and human rights by canceling his concert and joining the cultural boycott of Israel.

Join us in asking Armin not to entertain Israeli Apartheid by posting on his Facebook and Twitter  pages!

Below is the letter from Israeli citizens to Armin Van Buuren 

Dear Armin Van Buuren,
We are a group of Israeli citizens.
We recently learned that you have been invited to play in Eilat on 30/6
We realize that cancelling at this late stage may seem drastic, but this should be understood in the context of Israel's policy: Israel has been utilizing international cultural events to construct a facade of normalcy to a reality in which 1.6 million Palestinians (44% of which are children under the age of 14) are kept under siege in Gaza[i], 2.5 million are kept under martial-law in the West Bank with no civil rights, and millions more are subject to racially discriminating laws[ii] inside Israel.

If you play in Israel at this time, you will accept that a Palestinian fan of your work living under Israeli occupation will not be allowed by law - and denied by an illegal[iii] wall built on annexed private Palestinian land, fences and military checkpoints - the chance to attend it.

Mobility in the West Bank is just one of the examples which illustrate the environment in which international cultural events in Israel take place. But Israel's human-rights abuses against Palestinians go much further than this: violent nightly incursions[iv] into Palestinian villages, systematic arrests of children[v] as young as 11, the killing[vi] of non-violent demonstrators - these are not isolated  occurrences of atrocities, they are the infrastructure of a system of oppression, practically unaffected by any criticism or international rulings that demand changes.

Read the rest of the letter and view the signatories here...