Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Visit an Israeli University ... They are the Real Zionists"

In the wake of the University of Johannesburg's decision earlier this spring to sever ties with Ben Gurion University (BGU)--a landmark victory in the global campaign for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against Israel--the president of BGU debunks the claim by BDS critics that Israeli universities are a haven for the most progressive discussion about Israeli apartheid and Zionism.  

BGU president Rivka Carmi brags:
Among the nearly 5,000 full-time senior academics currently working in this country - and who are responsible for one of the highest rates of scientific publication in the world - less than 10 (10 people, not 10%) openly support the BDS movement.
All the university presidents and senior administrators actively denounce any such support, in Israel and around the world. ... 
Don’t let headlines and advertisements lead you astray. Visit an Israeli university. Meet with the amazing students and faculty members who embody the pioneering spirit that created and built this wonderful country. They are the real Zionists" ...
Rivka's boasting affirms the noble decision of the University of Johannesburg and the ongoing campaign for the academic boycott of Israel.

Click here to read Carmi's full article in the Jerusalem Post.

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