Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rae Abileah: My Update from Court

Codepink is a coalition member of the US Campaign
Abileah was prosecuted in connection with an incident that was one of several demonstrations that took place during "Move Over AIPAC," a May 2011 conference endorsed by the US Campaign

Below is a letter from Rae Abileah giving an update on her court case.

Hi friends and allies, 

I want to give you a quick update on my court case(s) and health and thank you again for all your concern about my physical well-being.  I took a week off at the start of July and being away from the computer and all things tech for a week did my neck a world of good.  I can now turn to the left again (something unimaginable for the previous month since the assault... though some fellow activists said "Why do you need to look to the left?  You are already in the left!  Study the opposition!")  

On July 8 I had my criminal court appearance for my arrest May 24 in Congress after disrupting the Israeli Prime Minister with a message of equality and justice for all including Palestinians (more on what I'm talking about here in case this is left field).  The government gave me a Stet Agreement which seems to be a fancy way of saying "stay outta trouble and your record will be clean again in no time!" I signed it, agreeing for the next 6 months to not get arrested and to stay away from Capitol Grounds (we argued for just the Capitol rotunda but they wouldn't do it, though if I have "official business" like lobbying my representative, I can get special permission to visit Congress - yay free speech!).  After that period of time the charges will be dropped and my record clear.  My lawyer was expecting the charge to additionally include drug tests and 35 hours community service, so not having either of those to deal with in DC from SF is less hassle.  After criminal court, I met with my attorneys who took on my civil case against the people who assaulted me and so onward we go to hold these people accountable for their violence and protect against further assault of activists in the future.  

Meanwhile the incarceration and assault of peaceful protesters by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank continues - I wrote a piece recently about my arrest and the case of the Tamimi cousins who are in prison for organizing nonviolent demonstrations in the small village of Nabi Saleh here: http://j.mp/nvmO9y 

Hope you are doing well and staying cool in these hot (climate-wise and politically) months.
In solidarity,