Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How Did Your Members of Congress Do This Year?

Did YOUR Representative sponsor a resolution encouraging Israel to annex the Palestinian West Bank?

YOUR Senators vote to sanction Palestinians for seeking UN membership?

Find out now on our new interactive
112th Congressional Report Card.

We've had Congressional Report Cards for ten years now, but you've probably never seen one like this before. It lets you "slice and dice" all the details as you want to see them.
Check it out now!

Our report card confirms what's already known by anyone who saw Members of Congress madly cheer during Benjamin Netanyahu's rejectionist address to Congress earlier this year: Congress on the whole horribly and unapologetically supports Israeli occupation and apartheid against Palestinians.

After viewing our report card,
sign up to become a Congressional District Coordinator and help us organize and mobilize in your Congressional District to educate these Members of Congress who obviously need to be schooled.

We'll be updating this report card frequently so bookmark it and refer back to it often. And make sure to share it with your friends by posting it to Facebook, Twitter and other social media you use!