Friday, December 2, 2011

New film by Palestinians living in Gaza shows yearning for a normal life

US To Gaza is a coalition member of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.

"Where Should the Birds Fly?" is the story of two women in Gaza - the filmmaker, Fida Qishta, and a young survivor of Operation Cast Lead, Mona al Samouni. Through their eyes, we learn how people live, survive, and dream of a normal life, while facing Israeli attacks.

We are more than halfway to the finish line in raising the money we need to complete "Where Should the Birds Fly?".  Please donate generously and email your friends and lists and urge them to support this project.  You can see a short trailer of the film and make a tax deductible contribution at

It is the first film about Gaza made by Palestinians living in Gaza. It is the story of two young women, survivors of Israel's Operation Cast Lead,  who represent the spirit and future of Palestinians. It is a visual documentation of the Goldstone report. Not all misery and rubble, it reveals strength and hope.

We held a small screening of the film in NYC last week and got a warm, positive reception to the film.  Those watching found it very powerful and moving, as well as a very timely statement in light of Israel's current threats to attack Gaza again.  We must get this film into distribution as soon as possible.

One comment, from an organizer of the US Boat to Gaza, seemed particularly appropriate.  "Our campaign focused a bright spotlight on Israel's illegal occupation of Gaza, but we weren't able to bring our passengers to port in Gaza City.  This film brings the people of Gaza to us and to the rest of the world."

How true.  The film itself breaks Israel's blockade of the hopes and dreams of Palestinians to lead a normal life.  

Supporting "Where Should the Birds Fly?" would be a great gift to a friend.  If you would like to receive one of the premiums offered to supporters in time to give it as a holiday gift, make that request by clicking Contact at the bottom of the kickstarter page and let us know that.  (Otherwise the premiums will be sent out sometime in January.)

Thanks for your support and please pass this on to your friends.

Fida Qishta
Brian Drolet
Felice Gelman