Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New poster series illustrates trade-offs in sending military aid to Israel

Above: Our new posters include
this QR code, scannable with
your smartphone, to take you
directly to a page where you
can take action to end U.S.
military aid to Israel.
Help us continue to shape the political landscape to end U.S. military aid to Israel by signing up today to educate and organize people in your community.

When you do so, you'll join more than 2,000 people in 49 states and more than 900 cities who have received an organizing packet with fact sheets, flyers, petitions, stickers, and more--everything you'll need to spark conversations in your community and identify more people who agree with us that we should be funding community needs, not Israel's misdeeds against the Palestinian people.

And, for the first time, we're excited to include in these organizing packets this sharp-looking series of posters (shown below) that illustrate the moral and economic costs of providing U.S. military aid to Israel. The four 11-inch by 17-inch (tabloid-size) posters include a code scannable with your smartphone's camera, bringing you directly to a page where you can take action and get involved.
Poster #1 shows trade-off:
school programs vs. weapons 

Poster #2 shows trade-off:
jobs vs. farm destruction

Poster #3 shows trade-off:
housing vs. apartheid wall

Poster #4 shows trade-off:
healthcare vs. more weapons