Thursday, January 5, 2012

What a Year Stretches Before Us!

Dear Supporters,

Above: Co-chairs Felicia Eaves & Peter Miller.

New shifts in U.S. public discourse mean more pressure on candidates challenging conventional military and political support for Israel, growing B.D.S. campaigns on campuses and in communities across the country, mainstream churches challenging corporations that profit from occupation... and the US Campaign with our nearly 400 member organizations will be at the center of all the work that comes with it.

Thanks to all of you, the Campaign is beginning 2012 stronger and better resourced than ever before. More than 600 donors last year helped to replant 2,050 olive trees in Palestine, supporting fair-trade farmers. Just in the holiday period of last December alone, together we raised $43,500 in online contributions, helping the US Campaign begin the new year ready for action.

Thanks for everything you're doing. For your work in your campuses, communities, faith congregations, as well as in Congress and in the media, to end US military aid to Israel. For your creativity in building BDS campaigns. For bringing the cost of Israeli occupation to the Occupy Movement that has so empowered all of us. For linking economic injustice and the unmet needs in our communities these ten years to the $30 billion in military aid to Israel.

The US Campaign is made up of--and supported by--people like you, and member groups like yours. Together we are moving into a new year of action, mobilization, and education.  Huge challenges lie ahead. But because of all you’ve done, we start the year with the excitement, the energy, and the resources to challenge U.S. support for Israel's occupation and apartheid policy, and to demand a new U.S. policy based on human rights, international law and equality for all.

Thanks again.  And we look forward to working together in 2012!

Felicia Eaves & Peter Miller

Co-chairs, US Campaign Steering Committee

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P.S.: Witness how this nationwide grassroots coalition has struggled against U.S. support for Israel's occupation over the past decade! Our new mini-documentary combines an audiovisual sampling of major events with a narrative of our coalition's growth, voiced by members of our staff and Steering Committee. Take eight minutes to watch the quest progressing, and join us to help complete it!