Friday, April 13, 2012

Derail-Dump-Drown Veolia Campaign in the U.S.

The Davis Committee for Palestinian Rights is asking for your help by sending emails to members of the Board of Directors of the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency (WDCWA) to encourage them to deny Veolia Water North America the opportunity to participate as a bidder on a $3.25 million public tender for a water project to be constructed in Yolo County, California.  

The Board is expected to make its determination on Thursday, April 19 so make sure to have your emails sent no later than Monday, April 16. Below is a sample email and the contact information of the members.

One of Veolia’s subsidiaries continues to provide bus and light rail transit services to settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, while another operates an illegal landfill in the Jordan Valley for the disposal of waste originating from the settlements and from Israel. Both the transit and landfill operations violate international law by providing services to and supporting the settlements in the Occupied Territories. 

The Davis Committee for Palestinian Rights has appeared before the Board on four occasions addressing Veolia’s violations in Palestine and the need for ethical criteria to evaluate the bidders. 
The more complaints they receive about Veolia, the stronger will be the basis for rejecting its bid.

WDCWA Board Members and contact information: 

The Board is composed of 4 voting and 2 non-voting members:

City of Davis: Stephen Souza, WDCWA Chair 
City of Davis: Joe Krovoza (Mayor) 
City of Woodland: Martie Dote
City of Woodland: Bill Marble, WDCWA Vice-Chair
Univ. California Davis: Sid England (non-voting)
Yolo County Board of Supervisors: Don Saylor (non-voting)

Sample Email:
I am writing to express my concern that one of the prospective bidders on the WDCWA surface water design and construction contract will be allowed to participate in the bidding.

Veolia Environnement, the parent company of Veolia Water North America, has been accused of complicity with the state of Israel in violating the rights of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Jerusalem due to operation of a transit system and bus routes that provide service to the illegal settlements, as well as through operation of a landfill in the Jordan Valley of the West Bank that accepts waste from locations throughout Israel and from the settlements.

Veolia is in the process of losing contracts with public agencies in many cities and counties in Europe (London, England; Wales, Ireland, and Sweden). Here in the United States, Veolia has lost the confidence of several public utilities, including most recently the City of Richmond, California.

As the City of Davis did in helping to eliminate apartheid by supporting divestment from companies doing business with South Africa, please do the right thing by supporting contract denial to companies doing business with Israel in violation of international law.