Thursday, May 30, 2013

Take Action! Send Alicia Keys Your BDS Photos!

Alicia Keys is set to perform in Tel Aviv on July 4 as part of her Set the World on Fire tour. Both Alice Walker and Roger Waters have written her open letters (here and here) urging her to heed the Palestinian BDS call and cancel her show. 

You can do your part by taking the following actions! 

1. Submit a photo. Alicia is running a competition for her fans to get featured in a video that will be shown while she is on tour. Fans are asked to submit a photo with the hope of being chosen. This is an opportunity for some culture jamming asking activists to submit pictures with messages urging her to not play in Israel. 

To submit a photo: 
  • Go to her website:
  • Scroll down to the interactive map and click "Get Started."
  • Yellow pins show cities that are open for photo submissions. None of these cities are in the United States, but that is ok because it doesn't matter if you're really from the city you're submitting from.
  • Click on a city. Enter "Boycott Apartheid" in the box that asks for one word to describe the city, then your name and email.
  • Upload a photo then hit submit! Send in pictures/infographics of examples of Israeli occupation and apartheid (the wall, house demolitions, checkpoints, etc); Palestinian popular resistance; and/or of yourself holding signs of solidarity with Palestinians.
  • Share with us the pictures you upload via our Tumblr or email to 
2. Watch and share this video via Facebook

3. Tweet the following to Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys).
  • Hey @aliciakeys Come Together with Your Sisters. Boycott #Apartheid! #BDS (Tweet Now)
  • Alice Walker writes to @aliciakeys: Don't put yourself in soul danger by performing in an #apartheid state (Tweet Now)
  • Don't Be Fallin For #Apartheid @aliciakeys. Cancel #Israel! #BDS (Tweet Now)