Thursday, May 16, 2013

Take Action! SodaStream At Cannes!

The American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival, which opens today, is featuring SodaStream as its premier sponsor. We need your help to pressure them about shining the spotlight on this occupation profiteer!  

1. Watch and share this great video made my member group Jewish Voice for Peace- DC Metro.

3. Tweet! Below are sample tweets from our member group The Palestine Freedom Project

  • Hey @AmPav: If you think SodaStream is progressive, you're living in a bubble #Cannes2013 (Tweet Now)
  • Enjoy @Cannes but don't get conned by SodaStream (Tweet Now)
  • Hey @AmPav guests: SodaStream isn't green. Sorry to burst your bubble. #Cannes2013 (Tweet Now)
  • @Cannes rolls out the red carpet as @AmPav sponsor SodaStream rolls past the green line (Tweet Now)
  • @Cannes is filled with great artists, but the greatest con artist of all is @AmPav sponsor SodaStream (Tweet Now)
  • Help the Israeli occupation fizzle out. Boycott SodaStream at #Cannes2013 @Ampav #BDS (Tweet Now)
  • Why is @AmPav shining a spotlight on occupation profiteer #Sodastream at #Cannes2013? (Tweet Now)
  • Soldiers and Pavilions: #Cannes2013 @AmPav sponsor SodaStream profits from Israeli military occupation #BDS (Tweet Now)
  • Pavilion Casualties: #Cannes2013 @AmPav sponsor SodaStream profits from Israel's military occupation #BDS (Tweet Now)
  • Bubble Indemnity: #Cannes2013 @AmPav sponsor SodaStream profits from Palestinian suffering (Tweet Now)
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