Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Take Action: SodaStream #bebottlefree Campaign

SodaStream has recently partnered with #besomebody, a motivational movement that is on a a 25 college, 50 day tour across the United States. SodaStream writes that they are "reminding people to be awesome, be fizzy, and be bottle free" and using #bebottlefree to promote their products.

This a good opportunity for some culture jamming to educate people about what SodaStream really supports: occupation and exploitation of Palestinian labor, land, and resources. 

Here are some sample tweets with links to more information about SodaStream: 
  • #BeSomebody and Boycott illegal Israeli settlement products like SodaStream!
  • Hey @besomebodyblog, Occupation is Not Green! #BeBottleFree and Boycott SodaStream!
  • SodaStream exploits Palestinian land, resources, and labor. #BeSomebody and stand up for #humanrights!
  • If u want to #bebottlefree, make sure to watch and share this video! #besomebody
  • .@besomebodyblog, did u know SodaStream treats its Palestinian workers like slaves? #besomebody & boycott!
  • #behumanrightsfree seems to be a more appropriate description of @SodaStreamUSA than #bebottlefree
  • #besomebody #bebottlefree and boycott SodaStream! #BDS
And here are the twitter handles of the university campuses the tour is visiting: 
  • October 31: University of Cincinnati- @uofcincy
  • November 2: University of Notre Dame- @NotreDame
  • November 4: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee- @UWM
  • November 6: University of Minnesota- @UMNews and #UMNproud
  • November 8: University of North Dakota- @myUND
  • November 9: University of Nebraska-Lincoln- @UNLincoln and #unl
  • November 11: University of Colorado-Boulder- @CUBoulder and #cuboulder
  • November 15: University of California-Davis- @ucdavis
  • November 16: University of Southern California-LA- @uscweb and #usc
  • November 18: University of Arizona-Tucson- @UofA
  • November 20: Texas Tech University- @TexasTech and #Raiderland