Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Take Action: Send A Letter to NYT About Palestinian "Incitement"

On Monday, January 6 The New York Times published an article by its Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren entitled "Israeli Official Points to ‘Incitement’ by Palestinians." The article and accompanying presentation portrays official Palestinian Authority media and textbooks as inciting hatred towards Israel and Jews by referencing an Israeli government report that is based on the work of a right-wing settler organization.

Please send a letter to the editor ( and to the public editor ( about the gross mischaracterizations in this article.

Some talking points to include:
  • The Israeli government report produced in the article based largely, if not entirely, on the work of right-wing settler propaganda outfit Palestinian Media Watch, whose head Itamar Marcus has been deemed not a reliable expert on this subject by an Israeli judge. See here for more.
  • Many of the examples cited in the report are years old, including the video embedded in  the report which is from 2010.
  • The word "occupation" doesn't appear once in Rudoren's story.
  • The supposedly impartial expert cited in Rudoren's story, who minimizes Israeli incitement as the work of a small fringe group while emphasizing Palestinian incitement, is a flack from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a think tank created by AIPAC.
  • The video embedded in Rudoren's story is from a TV show broadcast out of Bahrain and has no discernible connection to the Palestinian Authority or Hamas.
  • While highlighting allegegations of Palestinian incitement, it completely ignores the contact stream of racist incitement from Israeli political and religious leaders against Pals and other non-Jews.
If you'd like to tweet at Rudoren directly, her handle is @rudoren.