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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Urgent: Anti-BDS Bill Up for Vote Tomorrow

We just learned that Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) will introduce an anti-BDS amendment to a bill in the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday. While the exact text isn’t public yet, the amendment will be similar to a bill—S.619, the United States-Israel Trade Enhancement Act of 2015—he introduced last month.

You can find the complete action alert here with talking points to call Senator Cardin here. 

After you call Senator Cardin, please also call the other members of the Senate Finance Committee. If your Senator is on the committee, make sure to mention you are a constituent.

Committee Leadership

Senator Orrin Hatch
(202) 224-5251

Senator Ron Wyden
(202) 224-5244


Chuck Grassley, IA 

Mike Crapo, ID 
(202) 224-6142

Pat Roberts, KS 

Michael B. Enzi, WY 
(202) 224-3424

John Cornyn, TX 

John Thune, SD 
(202) 224-2321

Richard Burr, NC 
(202) 224-3154

Johnny Isakson, GA 
(202) 224-3643

Rob Portman, OH 

Patrick J.  Toomey, PA 
(202) 224-4254

Dan Coats, IN 
(202) 224-5623

Dean Heller, NV 

Tim Scott, SC
(202) 224-6121


Charles E. Schumer, NY 
(202) 224-6542

Debbie Stabenow, MI 
(202) 224-4822

Maria Cantwell, WA 
(202) 224-3441

Bill Nelson, FL 

Robert Menendez, NJ 

Thomas R. Carper, DE 
(202) 224-2441

Benjamin L. Cardin, MD 
(202) 224-4524

Sherrod  Brown, OH 
(202) 224-2315

Michael F. Bennet, CO 

Robert P. Casey, Jr., PA 
(202) 224-6324

Mark R. Warner, VA

Friday, February 21, 2014

Will You Boycott AIPAC?

Disgusted by AIPAC's (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) moves to bring us to war with Iran? Sick of seeing U.S. tax dollars fund Israel's occupation and apartheid policies towards Palestinians? Inspired by all the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) victories happening left and right? Then join us and CODEPINK: Women for Peace for a day of protests!  

Next month AIPAC will be holding its annual conference at the Washington DC Convention Center on Sunday, March 2. We will gather outside to protest the U.S. policies pushed by AIPAC including unconditional support for Israeli oppression of Palestinians. There will be actions happening all day from 8:30am-8:30pm. RSVP here!

There will also be a special event from 2:00-4:00pm. If you can make this action at 2:00pm, please email Sara to sign up!

We hope you will join us to Boycott AIPAC! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

TELL BARTELL: Stop Selling SodaStream

From Palestine Solidarity Committee- Seattle and Northwest BDS Coalition

We would like to take the international campaign to a local Seattle target.  Bartell Drugs still sells SodaStream, and Bartell is a locally-operated, family-run Puget Sound chain with headquarters in West Seattle.  Many of us shop in Bartell stores, and many of us are even recognized by staff in our neighborhood Bartell store.  With enough local pressure, Bartell would be able to decide at the local level to stop selling SodaStream.

We have already flashmobbed the downtown Third Ave Bartell store, and last May during Nakba Day flashmobbing we handed them a letter telling them why they should stop selling SodaStream.  Now we need to spread that message to Bartell stores all over Seattle and Puget Sound.

In early November, we phoned and faxed our concerns to George and Jean Bartell, CEOs of Bartell Drugs.  We asked for a meeting and have gotten no response so far.  

We have now prepared a letter, revised from the letter we delivered in May, which tells Bartell why they should stop selling SodaStream.  You can use our letter — attached as a Word.doc and pasted below — or personalize and adapt it as you need, either by email or postal mail.  

During the Days of Action Against SodaStream, Nov 29 - Dec 10, will you TELL BARTELL to stop selling SodaStream?  Will you email or mail or phone Bartell?  Or print and hand-deliver a copy of the letter to staff at your local Bartell?

PHONE at  1-877-BARTELL (1-877-227-8355)
MAIL at  Bartell Drugs
4025 Delridge Way SW, Suite 400,
Seattle, WA 98106 

We’d like to count you if you Tell Bartell.  
Email Linda Bevis at  (Don’t forget the pesky digit “1” in the address.)   If you email Bartell, bcc us.   If you mail or phone or hand-deliver or have an interaction with or conversation with staff at Bartell, please email and tell us about it!

Bartell is a local opportunity for us.  Tell Bartell to stop selling Sodastream and all other products of Israeli apartheid.

Monday, November 25, 2013


This online action is being promoted by Jewish Voice for Peace-Seattle. (See update at end!)

We need your help! Sur La Table is erasing negative comments posted on their website about SodaStream. We need to show them they cannot censor the truth about Israeli Occupation! 

Spend 2 minutes now to help us stop Sur La Table from censoring the truth about SodaStream. Join us: write a review to help replace the censored reviews of SodaStream now!

Make sure to take a screenshot and send it to in case they delete yours!

Dozens of activists and concerned consumers have been posting thoughtful comments on Sur La Table's website explaining what we think of SodaStream, a product made in an illegal settlement in the West Bank, in violation of international law and at the expense of justice for Palestinians. 

Rather than attend to the serious concerns about the harm caused by SodaStream, Sur La Table has responded by erasing the comments. But the good news is that we are posting new ones faster than they can delete them. Sur La Table is paying attention, and we we need to continue acting fast to show that we aren't going anywhere! 

Please take a minute now to write a replacement review on the Sur La Table website! Follow this link to create an account. And then go to this page and post a comment. 

Together, we can burst the SodaStream Bubble!
JVP - Seattle

PS. Please help us spread the word far and wide! Share these links on FB, Twitter, and with all your lists! Make sure to tag SurLaTable. Here are some sample tweets:

  • .@Sur_La_Table, why don't you want your customers to know that SodaStream is made in an illegal settlement? #BoycottSodastream
  • .@Sur_La_Table is censoring consumer concern about products made in violation of international law. #BoycottSodastream
  • .@Sur_La_Table, the truth about the Israeli Occupation can't be erased like a comment on your website. #BoycottSodastream

Sur La TaBlitz: Take Action Online to Deshelve SodaStream- Phase 1

What: Blitz Sur La Table’s SodaStream staff favorite page with reviews that explain SodaStream's connection to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Why: SodaStream is an Israeli product made in an illegal settlement in the West Bank, further entrenching the Occupation. Jewish Voice for Peace Seattle has organized a campaign to demand that Sur La Table deshelve SodaStream. This campaign is in response to the Palestinian civil society call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions of Israel.

3 simple steps: Make an account, post a review, take a snapshot and email it to JVP!

Step 1: Click on this link to register for an account

Step 2: Click on this link to arrive at the SodaStream product page. Scroll all the way down until you find the reviews box and write a review (suggestions below)!

Step 3: Take a screenshot and send it to

The key message you want to include in your reviews is:
The SodaStream corporation entrenches the Israeli occupation of Palestine while it directly profits from the occupation.

Here are some subpoints:

  • SodaStream is a product made in violation of international law. SodaStream’s main production plant is located on confiscated Palestinian farmland.
  • SodaStream exploits Palestinian labor to create their products.
  • SodaStream is paid for in part by the Israeli government. SodaStream receives generous tax incentives from the Israeli and local governments to establish their factory in the West Bank on Palestinian land.
  • Every purchase of SodaStream contributes to illegal settlements in Palestine. The factory pays taxes to the Israeli settlement, Ma’aleh Adumim, not the the Palestinian Authority.
  • Expansion of Israeli settlements, such as Ma’aleh Adumim where the main SodaStream factory is located, erodes Palestinian territorial contiguity.

Sources for more information:

Contact if you have any questions or need help.

UPDATE: We need your help! In the next two days we need 100 phone calls to Sur La Table's customer service to show we won't stand for censorship. Call: 1-800-243-0852  to register your complaint today!

People in solidarity with Palestine have attempted to put over 50 reviews up on the Sur La Table SodaStream page. Sur La Table has censored all of the reviews, taking them down or not allowing them to be posted at all. You can see some of these reviews here.

Call Sur La Table's customer service and tell them they cannot censor the truth about SodaStream and the Israeli occupation. 

Call: 1-800-243-0852 

Sample Script if you attempted to post a review:
My review about SodaStream was censored this weekend. Your website includes factually incorrect information, claiming SodaStream is made in Israel when in fact it is made in an illegal settlement in the West Bank. Please stop keeping this information from your customers---- you cannot censor the truth about SodaStream and the Israeli occupation. Do the ethical thing and deshelve SodaStream today!

Sample Script if you haven't attempted to post a review:
I have been informed that Sur La Table has censored reviews connecting SodaStream to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Your website includes factually incorrect information, claiming SodaStream is made in Israel when in fact it is made in an illegal settlement in the West Bank. Please stop keeping this information from your customers -- you cannot censor the truth about SodaStream and the Israeli occupation. Do the ethical thing and deshelve SodaStream today!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Take Action: SodaStream #bebottlefree Campaign

SodaStream has recently partnered with #besomebody, a motivational movement that is on a a 25 college, 50 day tour across the United States. SodaStream writes that they are "reminding people to be awesome, be fizzy, and be bottle free" and using #bebottlefree to promote their products.

This a good opportunity for some culture jamming to educate people about what SodaStream really supports: occupation and exploitation of Palestinian labor, land, and resources. 

Here are some sample tweets with links to more information about SodaStream: 
  • #BeSomebody and Boycott illegal Israeli settlement products like SodaStream!
  • Hey @besomebodyblog, Occupation is Not Green! #BeBottleFree and Boycott SodaStream!
  • SodaStream exploits Palestinian land, resources, and labor. #BeSomebody and stand up for #humanrights!
  • If u want to #bebottlefree, make sure to watch and share this video! #besomebody
  • .@besomebodyblog, did u know SodaStream treats its Palestinian workers like slaves? #besomebody & boycott!
  • #behumanrightsfree seems to be a more appropriate description of @SodaStreamUSA than #bebottlefree
  • #besomebody #bebottlefree and boycott SodaStream! #BDS
And here are the twitter handles of the university campuses the tour is visiting: 
  • October 31: University of Cincinnati- @uofcincy
  • November 2: University of Notre Dame- @NotreDame
  • November 4: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee- @UWM
  • November 6: University of Minnesota- @UMNews and #UMNproud
  • November 8: University of North Dakota- @myUND
  • November 9: University of Nebraska-Lincoln- @UNLincoln and #unl
  • November 11: University of Colorado-Boulder- @CUBoulder and #cuboulder
  • November 15: University of California-Davis- @ucdavis
  • November 16: University of Southern California-LA- @uscweb and #usc
  • November 18: University of Arizona-Tucson- @UofA
  • November 20: Texas Tech University- @TexasTech and #Raiderland

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ask the State Department about Palestinian Refugees!

Anne C. Richard, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Population,
Refugees, and Migration, will be interviewed by Cheryl Benton, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, to discuss "Refugee Assistance, the Human Face of Foreign Policy" in recognition of  World Refugee Day, which is on June 20. The conversation is meant to highlight refugee assistance, U.S. refugee assistance policies and the concept of humanitarian diplomacy. 

They are asking people submit questions via Twitter to @EngageState using #RefugeeDay2013. This is an opportunity to pose questions about U.S. policy toward Palestinian refugees

You can use the sample tweets below and/or come up with your own. The discussion will be taped on Tuesday, June 18 so make sure to submit your questions before then! 

Note: If you do not use Twitter, you can submit questions via the State Department's blog ( in the Comments section. 

  • Palestinians are largest refugee population in the world @EngageState What will U.S. do to ensure their right of return? #RefugeeDay2013 (Tweet Now)

  • UNRWA estimates there are 5 million Palestinian refugees @EngageState What will U.S. do to ensure their right of return? #RefugeeDay2013 (Tweet Now)

  • Palestinians made refugees by Israeli ethnic cleansing in '48 @EngageState What will US do to ensure their right of return? #RefugeeDay2013 (Tweet Now)

  • Israel agreed to Palestinian refugees' right of return when joining UN. Shouldn't Israel have to implement it? @EngageState #RefugeeDay2013 (Tweet Now)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Twitter Action for CAT Shareholder Meeting June 12!

Caterpillar will be conducting its 2013 annual meeting of stockholders on  Wednesday, June 12 at 8am EDT in  Greensboro, North Carolina. A number of groups are planning actions around the meeting and you can get involved as well by tweeting during the meeting about CAT selling weaponized bulldozers to Israel, house demolitions, and BDS. 

The meeting is from 8am-9am EDT, so plan your tweets to be posted then. Sample tweets below. You can also make your own using #stopCAT and @CaterpillarInc. 

  • Rachel stood in front of CAT bulldozer to protect Palestinian home & YOU can join Day of Action against @CaterpillarInc (Tweet Now)
  • Since 1967 Israel has demolished at least 25,000 Palestinian homes #stopCAT (Tweet Now
  • In March 2003 a Caterpillar D9 bulldozer operated by Israeli army killed peace activist Rachel Corrie #stopCAT (Tweet Now
  • Surprised @CaterpillarInc wasn't named to "25 Noteworthy Companies" profiting from occupation & #humanrights abuses (Tweet Now
  • Shame that @CaterpillarInc proudly supports Israel's brutal military occupation (Tweet Now
  • .@CaterpillarInc is the world's leading manufacturer of destruction equipment #stopCAT (Tweet Now
  • At Visitors Center u can experience Caterpillar. Don't worry, ur house won't be demolished by a bulldozer #stopCAT (Tweet Now)
  • .@OberlinCollege Student Senate voted to divest from @CaterpillarInc. Won’t TIAA-CREF do the same? #stopCAT @TC_Talks (Tweet Now)
  • 10 years ago Rachel Corrie blocked path of CAT bulldozer, protesting destruction of Palestinian homes #stopCAT (Tweet Now
  • Don’t you love shareholder meetings for corporations that support the Israeli occupation? #stopCAT @CaterpillarInc (Tweet Now
  • So what will it be? People or profit? Rachel Corrie chose people #stopCAT #RememberRachel (Tweet Now)  
  • Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes has killed 21 unarmed Palestinians since 1967 #stopCAT (Tweet Now
  • @CaterpillarInc bulldozers destroy Palestinian homes, build illegal settlements & walls, kill civilians #stopCAT (Tweet Now
Also Jon Huntsman, who is best known for being one the Republican presidential hopefuls of the 2012 elections but also holds a prominent position as a board member of Caterpillar, will be the commencement speaker at the University of Washington on Saturday, June 15. 

Students for Palestinian Equal Rights and The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice are organizing lots of ways to educate commencement-goers and graduates about the role of CAT in the Israeli occupation and to urge Huntsman to use his position to end sales of CAT bulldozers to Israel. Get involved here and follow #uwCATfree on Twitter. 
  • Hey @JonHuntsman, It's Time. CAT Out of Palestine via @uwsuper (Tweet Now
  • #Huskies Take Action and urge @JonHuntsman to end sales of CAT bulldozers to Israel #stopCAT (Tweet Now)
  • Congrats #uwgrad13! Use this occasion to tell ur commencement speaker @JonHuntsman to do right thing #uwCATfree (Tweet Now)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Action Alert: Tell Alicia Keys to Cancel her Scheduled Concert!

Alicia Keys is scheduled to perform to an audience of 11,000 in Tel Aviv on July 4, 2013. Following calls from Alice Walker, Roger Waters, Boycott from Within and many more, Alicia Keys has expressed that she is still planning to perform.

We want to deliver a petition ( to her Brooklyn based charity with 11,000 signatures, one person who recognizes the injustice of her performance for each ticket-holder to her concert. On Friday activists will deliver the petition and information on the treatment of Palestinian children to Key’s charity “Keep A Child Alive.”

Will you sign the petition & tweet Alicia Keys to cancel her trip to Israel?

  • Be a Superwoman @aliciakeys & boycott #apartheid for all the mothers fighting for better days to come (Tweet Now
  • Alicia, Keys are all that Palestinians have left from their stolen homes. Cancel Israel. #BDS (Tweet Now
  • Don't be Fallin for #Apartheid @aliciakeys. Cancel Israel. (Tweet Now)
  • Alicia Keys the concrete jungle of Israeli settlements destroys Palestinian dreams. Boycott #Israel (Tweet Now)   
  • Dear @aliciakeys: No one, no one, no one should whitewash #Apartheid #Israel's demolition of Palestinian homes (Tweet Now) 
  • Hey @aliciakeys, Palestinian children also deserve a future. Boycott #Israel. (Tweet Now
  • Some people want it all. Palestinians just want justice, freedom and equality. Cancel Israel. #BDS @aliciakeys (Tweet Now
  • Did u know @aliciakeys in past 10 years, #Israel has detained or arrested 7,000 Palestinian children? Cancel Tel Aviv (Tweet Now
  • From #Africa to #Palestine, ignoring oppression is a crime! @aliciakeys (Tweet Now)  
  • Alicia Keys you can help put the spotlight on the plight of Palestinian children. Boycott #apartheid Israel. (Tweet Now)

Also check out our Tumblr for the pictures people submitted for our last Alicia Keys action.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Take Action! Send Alicia Keys Your BDS Photos!

Alicia Keys is set to perform in Tel Aviv on July 4 as part of her Set the World on Fire tour. Both Alice Walker and Roger Waters have written her open letters (here and here) urging her to heed the Palestinian BDS call and cancel her show. 

You can do your part by taking the following actions! 

1. Submit a photo. Alicia is running a competition for her fans to get featured in a video that will be shown while she is on tour. Fans are asked to submit a photo with the hope of being chosen. This is an opportunity for some culture jamming asking activists to submit pictures with messages urging her to not play in Israel. 

To submit a photo: 
  • Go to her website:
  • Scroll down to the interactive map and click "Get Started."
  • Yellow pins show cities that are open for photo submissions. None of these cities are in the United States, but that is ok because it doesn't matter if you're really from the city you're submitting from.
  • Click on a city. Enter "Boycott Apartheid" in the box that asks for one word to describe the city, then your name and email.
  • Upload a photo then hit submit! Send in pictures/infographics of examples of Israeli occupation and apartheid (the wall, house demolitions, checkpoints, etc); Palestinian popular resistance; and/or of yourself holding signs of solidarity with Palestinians.
  • Share with us the pictures you upload via our Tumblr or email to 
2. Watch and share this video via Facebook

3. Tweet the following to Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys).
  • Hey @aliciakeys Come Together with Your Sisters. Boycott #Apartheid! #BDS (Tweet Now)
  • Alice Walker writes to @aliciakeys: Don't put yourself in soul danger by performing in an #apartheid state (Tweet Now)
  • Don't Be Fallin For #Apartheid @aliciakeys. Cancel #Israel! #BDS (Tweet Now)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Join Our Tax Day #DemandARefund Twitter Action!

This Tax Day, April 15, join us and our partners ADC, AMP, CODEPINK, and JVP to Demand a Refund for the Weapons We Give to Israel! Below are sample tweets to send out throughout the day- just click on Tweet Now. And follow @US_Campaign for updates throughout the day!  

  • This #TaxDay, I #DemandARefund for weapons we give to Israel because... (Tweet Now)
  • Schools shut down across country but #Obama wants to give #Israel $40 billion in weapons! #DemandARefund (Tweet Now)
  • Bush gave #Israel $30 billion in weapons. Obama wants to give $40 billion. This #TaxDay, #DemandARefund (Tweet Now)
  • Join @US_Campaign @adctweets @AMPalestine @codepink @jvplive to #DemandARefund for US Weapons to #Israel (Tweet Now)
  • It's #TaxDay. Do u know @BarackObama wants to use ur taxes to send $40 billion in weapons to #Israel? #DemandARefund (Tweet Now)
  • Instead of funding education, Obama wants to send weapons to #Israel to oppress Palestinians #DemandARefund #BDS (Tweet Now)
  • Why are our taxes being used to help #Israel violate Palestinian #humanrights? #DemandARefund (Tweet Now)
  • #Congress and #POTUS Say Need To Cut. Then why is US sending billions in weapons to Israel? #DemandARefund (Tweet Now)
  • Tell @BarackObama not to negotiate for more tax-payer funded weapons for Israel #TaxDay #DemandARefund #BDS (Tweet Now)
  • If we're dealing with #sequestration, why is Obama negotiating to send more weapons to Israel? #TaxDay #DemandARefund (Tweet Now)
  • #Israel uses US weapons in violation of US and international laws. This #TaxDay, #DemandARefund (Tweet Now)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Today: Call in Day for Samer Issawi

Samer Issawi continues on his hunger strike--which is in its 240th day--until he wins an absolute agreement that guarantees his release. 

International pressure has led the Israelis to release hunger striker Ayman Sharwarna, even though he will be deported to Gaza, an action that also violates Ayman's rights, according to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights: "Forcible deportation is a form of collective punishment prohibited under the fourth Geneva Convention which prohibits 'individual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportations of protected persons from occupied territory to the territory of the Occupying Power or to that of any other country, occupied or not.'" 

Also, the Israelis continue to harass the Issawi family. An Israeli court has sentenced Medhat Issawi, Samer's brother, to 20 months for organizing solidarity events with prisoners in Jerusalem.

Now more than ever, we need to keep the pressure on the U.S. government to demand the unconditional release of Samer Issawi. President Obama starts his trip to Palestine on Wednesday. Let him and the U.S. State Department know that we demand he tell the Israelis to release Samer Issawi and all Palestinian political prisoners.

We again ask all activists, especially those in the U.S., to call President Obama and the State Department, Wednesday, March 20th, from 8 AM to 4 PM CDT, to take action.

“My name is _____ from __________ and I demand that the U.S. administration demand that the Israelis release hunger striker Samer Issawi and all the Palestinian administrative detainees and political prisoners held by Israel."
  • Call President Obama at 1-202-456-1111
  • Call US Secretary of State John Kerry at 1-202-647-4000 (pick option 4 for the operator and ask to leave a message for Kerry)
  • Call the Office of Near East Affairs at 1-202-647-7209 (you will get transferred to Marguerite Pickett to leave a message)
During President Obama's two-day trip to Palestine, it will be even more important to continue the worldwide campaign on Twitter at 1:00pm CDT on Weds. and Thurs. to demand the release of Samer Issawi.

Check @samerissawi1 for the hashtag to use. 

For updates on the worldwide campaign, follow "
The Free Samer Issawi Campaign" page on Facebook. 

Issawi had been detained by Israeli authorities without any charge whatsoever. He had been released from prison in October 2011 as a part of the Shalit prisoner swap, but was detained again without charge on July 7, 2012, and has been refusing food since August 2012 to protest his detention. 

Sponsored by: Palestine Solidarity Group (PSG)- Chicago; Chicago Movement for Palestinian Rights (CMPR); U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN)- National; USPCN - Chicago; Committee Against Political Repression (CAPR); Coalition to Protect People’s Rights (CPPR); Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR); Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)- Chicago; American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)- Chicago; American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)- Chicago

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 Years Later- Remember Rachel Corrie and Act!

From our member group Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice

Saturday, March 16th, the Rachel Corrie Foundation will mark the 10th anniversary of Rachel's stand in Gaza. It has been an extraordinary, challenging ten-year journey for our organization, for the Corrie family, and for those in our community and beyond who have worked tirelessly for justice and peace in Palestine and Israel, in the world, and at home.

Here in Olympia, we have plans for a Stand for Justice Rally, speakers, music, dance, food, reflection, remembrance, and community! See event listing here.

Now, we call on you - individuals, organizations, and communities - to join us in these actions and with your own creative, solidarity events or observances!

  • Mark this 10-year anniversary! Call out Caterpillar, Inc. now on its faulty actions and explanations! Challenge the appearance of CAT's Washington Director of Government Affairs at AIPAC! Tell CAT to own up to its business with Israel and to end its complicity in violations of human rights and international law in Israel/Palestine. See how to help here!
  • Mark this 10-year anniversary! Tell President Obama to use his March Mideast trip to see for himself, to demand compliance with U.S. laws and policies, and accountability for how U.S. tax dollars are used by Israel. See how to help here!
  • Mark this 10-year anniversary! Demonstrate your support for the rights of Palestinians that Rachel, many other internationals, Israeli activists, and Palestinians have stood to defend! Reflect, connect the dots, and strengthen your community's commitment to justice for Palestinians and peace in the Mideast. Let us know what you plan so we can share and inspire others! Send your photos for our TUMBLR. See how to help here!

Rachel Corrie wrote,

"The international media and our government are not going to tell us that we are effective, important, justified in our work, courageous, intelligent, valuable. We have to do that for each other, and one way we can do that is by continuing our work, visibly."

Let's use this March anniversary as an opportunity to make some noise and be visible in our support for equal rights for Palestinians, accountability and justice, and an end to Israeli occupation!

Let's remember, act, and celebrate together - how we (like Rachel) have stood this past decade for justice, freedom, equality, and peace in the Middle East and beyond - and let' think together about how we move ahead to make freedom for Palestine a reality.

Find a list of events taking place here

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Activists Gather on MLK Day to Protest Cornell-Technion Partnership

Press release from our member group New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Partnership. See pictures of the protest here. Their next planned action is on Tuesday, January 29 from 5:00pm-7:00pm. Find details here

Protesters outnumbered students on a blustery Martin Luther King Day as the New York Cornell-Technion Partnership held its first day of classes at Google’s Chelsea offices in Manhattan.

Cornell University always holds classes on this holiday, and the annual insult to Dr. King’s memory is sadly fitting with the support for racism the school is showing by pairing with The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel’s foremost research and develop institution for weapons (including drones), surveillance systems, and other instruments of death and destruction used to maintain an apartheid system against Palestinians and for use in wars against Israel’s Arab neighbors.

The 25 New Yorkers leafleting against the Cornell-Technion Partnership (contrasting the eight students inside, according to the New York Times), denounced Google’s gift of free office space to the Partnership, as well as the $100 million in funds and $300 million in real estate given by the City of New York to the questionably fast-tracked venture.

Protesters also gathered signatures on a petition demanding an end to private and public support for the Partnership (online at:

The campaign against the Cornell-Technion Partnership is part of a global effort in support of the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against institutions doing business with apartheid Israel.

Regular classes will be held at the Google offices until the main campus opens on Roosevelt Island in 2017. Among those handing out flyers and talking to workers and students from the Google building as well as Chelsea residents were several Cornell University students outraged at the Partnership’s violation of Cornell’s own rules for consulting staff and faculty over such business deals.

What’s more, Cornell, its partners, and the media have failed to report that Technion is complicit in Israel’s violations of international law and the rights of Palestinians, specifically by designing military weapons and developing technologies that are used to drive Palestinians off their land, suppress demonstrations for their rights, and carry out attacks against people in Lebanon, Gaza, and elsewhere. For these reasons, Technion is directly implicated in war crimes.  Furthermore, Technion practices institutional discrimination against Palestinian students by severely restricting their freedom of speech and assembly, and rewarding Jewish students who, unlike most Palestinians, perform compulsory military service in Israel. This is in direct contrast to Cornell University’s founding values of universalism and inclusion embodied in the university’s motto “any person any study.”

NYACT has also denounced the callous disregard for the health, safety and housing needs of Roosevelt Island residents. As construction begins for the eventual permanent Partnership site on the Island, homes are being torn down, and patients are being kicked out of the City hospital system’s Coler-Goldwater long-term care facilities. New Yorkers with serious disabilities and life-threatening medical conditions are being displaced by the City in deference to the Partnership. NYACT has attended several Roosevelt Island community meetings to forge an alliance with residents, patients and healthcare workers whose lives are being disrupted or even jeopardized by Cornell and Technion.
NYACT and supporters will host a regular leafleting vigil every other Tuesday starting January 29th, from 5-7pm, at the Google offices,
111 Eighth Ave (at 15th St), New York City
For more information:
New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Partnership (NYACT)

Friday, January 18, 2013

No to Technion in NYC Action!

From our member group New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Partnership.

Join us on the first day of Cornell NYC Tech classes to leaflet and gather signatures.

When: Monday, January 21, 4-6pm
Where: 111 Eighth Ave (at 15th St), NYC

Classes are to be held in donated temporary space at the Google offices until the main campus opens on Roosevelt Island in 2017.  NYACT will be distributing information outside the Google offices about The Technion’s involvement in developing remote controlled bulldozers, stealth drones, and protection systems for battle tanks used by Israel to destroy Palestinian houses and olive groves, assassinate Palestinian civilians, and rain terror from above in Gaza, as well as The Technion’s ongoing collaborations with major surveillance and weapons manufacturers.

Say No to Technion in NYC!

Support the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)

Sign the petition here:

For more information go to or email

Friday, November 2, 2012

Take Action: Palestinian Activist Not Allowed To Travel Through Jordan

Iyad Burnat, a Palestinian activist from Bil'in, was on his way to the United States to give presentations in more than 15 states describing his work for peace and justice. 

On Thursday November 1, Iyad was allowed by the Israelis to cross the border on his way to Amman, Jordan for his flight to the United States, but he was detained by the Jordanian border officials, who refused him entry into Jordan.  He is currently back in Bil’in awaiting the resolution of this matter so that he can continue on his journey.

Help Iyad get to the United States by contacting the Jordanian Embassy in Washington, DC

Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

3504 International Drive NW, Washington, DC 20008

Telephone: (202) 966-2664

Fax: (202) 966-3110


You can say:

"I am writing/calling to request that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan please allow Mr. Iyad Burnat of Bil’in, Palestine to travel to Amman for his flight to the United States.  Mr. Iyad is scheduled for a series of speaking engagements in the US from November 2012 to February 2013.  The invitation to the U.S. was extended by Jewish Voice for Peace and Interfaith Peace Builders. Mr. Iyad is coming to the United States to give presentations describing his work for peace and justice, work that he carries out in conjunction with Israeli and international peace activists who are dedicated to non-violence and human rights for all people. I am appealing to the Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to please allow Mr. Iyad to cross the border so that he may fly from the airport in Amman."

If you can add that you are affiliated with an organization, that would be helpful. Emphasize that lots of Americans are waiting to hear these presentations and that he was released to travel by Israeli authorities.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Tell TIAA-CREF: Divest from the Israeli Occupation!

On Tuesday, July 17 several of our member groups are planning actions around TIAA-CREF's shareholders' meeting to demand that TIAA-CREF live up to its motto "For the Greater Good" and divest from all its holdings in companies profiting from the violation of international law and Palestinian human rights. 

Adalah-NY is planning a 
street action with songs, music, dancing, and chants from 12:30-2:30pm at TIAA-CREF headquarters in New York (730 3rd Ave, between 45th and 46th Sts). Find more information and RSVP on Facebook

In Chicago several groups, including American Friends Service Committee, Jewish Voice for Peace, and 
Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine, are holding a rally and protest. Rally will begin at 12:00pm with speeches by Electronic Intifada founder Ali Abunimah, community leaders, and shareholders at the Thompson Center (100 W. Randolph Street). There will then be a protest at 12:45pm in front of the TIAA-CREF office (200 N. LaSalle St.). Find more information and RSVP on Facebook.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Take the Bubbles Out of SodaStream!

Our member group Jewish Voice for Peace DC Metro Chapter is launching a new DC boycott campaign against SodaStream, a Swiss company that manufactures its beverage carbonating machine in Mishor Edumim, a settlement in the West Bank. 

Join the kick-off event this
Sunday, July 8 from 2-4pm in front of the Columbia Heights Mall (at Columbia Heights Metro Station on 14th St. just north of intersection with Irving St.).

Due to the success of the European SodaStream boycott campaign, SodaStream has moved to the United States. It is making a splash in a huge number of DC stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Staples and Target, all of which are located in the Columbia Heights Mall.  

Come join the campaign July 8th to take the "bubbles" out of SodaStream! For more information, contact or 301-518-0199.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Join TIAA-CREF Vigil in Chicago!

Chicago Divests, a coalition that includes US Campaign member groups American Friends Service CommitteeThe Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine, and Jewish Voice for Peace, is holding a vigil this Friday, June 29 at 12pm in Chicago (200 N LaSalle Street) to recognize TIAA-CREF's recent divestment from Caterpillar and urge the financial firm to continue divesting from the Israeli occupation of Palestine. 

From Chicago Divests press release: 
TIAA-CREF, one of the nation's largest retirement fund providers, invests $2.3 billion in corporations profiting from human rights abuses in occupied Palestine. After years of grassroots campaigning and shareholder pressure, TIAA-CREF removed Caterpillar from its Social Choice Accounts last Thursday. Caterpillar provides bulldozers to Israel military and civil authorities for the systematic destruction of Palestinian homes, orchards, and businesses.  Caterpillar used to enjoy $73 million of financial support from TIAA-CREF's social choice accounts, which are designed to "favor companies with a 'best-in-class' record on environmental, social and corporate governance issues." Now, TIAA-CREF can no longer claim that Caterpillar's facilitation of ethnic cleansing is compatible with "financial services for the greater good." We applaud TIAA-CREF for recognizing Caterpillar as an ethically irresponsible investment and for giving its clients the option of a Caterpillar-free Social Choice fund. 
Find more information and RSVP on Facebook.

The Presbyterian Church-USA will be voting on divestment from Caterpillar, Motorola Solution and HP in the next week.
Almost 4,000 people have already signed a letter supporting the divestment recommendation and you should too

Make sure to join us for our
11th Annual National Organizers' Conference September 21-23 at St. Louis University to learn how you can get more involved in BDS and other efforts to change U.S. policy toward Palestine/Israel.