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Delegation to Palestine and Israel
Saturday, October 25th 2003 until 11-08-2003
Departs from Nyack, NY, New York

The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), the largest and oldest interfaith nonviolence organization in the country, is planning its next Interfaith Peace-Builders Delegation to Palestine, Israel, and Jordan for October 2003. The goals of the trip are to examine the effects of United States foreign policy on the continuing conflict, to support those struggling nonviolently for a sustainable peace in both Israel and Palestine, and upon return, to educate the U.S. public and seek to influence U.S. foreign policy.

Highlights of the Trip:
*Meet with Israeli and Palestinian peace and justice and human rights activists and organizations and community builders.
•Engage in small group discussions with Israelis and Palestinians about the U.S. role in the conflict
•Meet people across the cultural, religious, and political spectrum.
•Visit and stay in Palestinian and Israeli homes
•Hear Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious leaders’ perspectives on the conflict
•Learn about the dynamics and consequences the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has had on Jordan including the situation of Palestinian refugees

Who Are The Leaders?
Scott Kennedy has served as Chair of the FOR Middle East Task Force and the chair of the National Council of FOR. He is a co-founder and serves on the staff of the Resource Center for Nonviolence in Santa Cruz, CA, and has taken more than a dozen delegations to the region dating back to 1968 and as recently as 2002. Scott has traveled to the Middle East more than 30 times.

Tarek El Heneidy is a member of the FOR National Council. He has extensive first-hand experience in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and has led and participated in numerous delegations to the Middle East with FOR and other organizations. He was a key player in the release of four hostages from Iraq during the 1990-1991 war. As an active member of the Muslim community, Tarek made the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, participates in panel discussions, and organizes lectures and presentations on Islam in the local mosque, church, synagogue, and schools.

What Should You Expect?
•Delegations of 8-20 people with experienced leadership, accompanied by guides and/or representatives from local organizations
•1-2 day orientation at the FOR national headquarters in Nyack, NY
•A physically, intellectually, and emotionally challenging program

Who Do We Want?
•Delegates committed to educating the public on their experience upon returning to the U.S.
•People of all ethnic and religious backgrounds committed to nonviolence and active listening
•Jews and Muslims, and Arabic and Hebrew speakers are especially encouraged
•Mature, healthy, emotionally stable, flexible, and respectful participants 19 years of age or older

What’s Included in the Costs
•The cost of $1,650 includes 15 days, hotel and home stay accommodations, breakfasts and dinners, local transportation tips and gratuities, and speaker/event fees.
•International and domestic airfare are additional. International airfare ranges from $750-1400, depending on season and itinerary. We hope that the airfare for October will be at the cheaper end of the range.
•Participants are responsible for lunches, spending money for gifts, and any additional tips. There is a supplemental room fee for a single room for hotel stays.

How Do I Find Out More about the Delegation?
For more information and an Application Form, contact:
Joe Groves or Gretchen Merryman
FOR Interfaith Peace-Builders
4545 42nd St. NW, Suite 209, Washington, DC 20016
Phone: (202) 244-0821; Fax: (202) 244-6396
E-mail:; Web:

New York, Jordan, Israel, and Palestine  Departs from Nyack, NY New York  

Joe Groves