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Israeli High School Draft Resisters Speak
Friday, October 17th 2003 5:30pm
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Shministim is an Israeli youth refusal movement that was founded by young political activists who have refused to serve in the military in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Noa Levy (activist and spokesperson), Alex Moar (parent of currently imprisoned member), and Sol Moar (currently preparing refusal letter) will be in Philadelphia. Join us for their public presentation and discussion around resistance within Israeli society.

Facing conscription into the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) upon
graduation, Noa became one of the organizers of Shministim* and is a spokesperson for the group. She currently works with an Israeli national civilian service in a program that supports high school students returning to school after they had dropped out.

A member of the Parent Support Group of Shministim, Alex had
served in the IDF and participated in the 1973 war. He deserted the IDF in protest of the war and was sentenced to 6 months in an army prison charged with “incitement to rebellion.” His son Adam has been in military prison for 9 months and is on trial with 4 other draft resisters for their refusal to be inducted into the IDF to serve the occupation.

The daughter of Alex Maor, she is currently preparing her letter of refusal.

"When the elected government tramples over democratic values and the chances for a just peace in the region, we have no choice but to obey our conscience and refuse to take part in the attack on the Palestinian people. As youth about to be called to serve in the military we pledge to do all that we see fit so as not to serve the occupation. Some of us will refuse to serve beyond the green line, others will avoid military service in other ways--we view all these means as legitimate and necessary, and we call on other youth, conscripts, soldiers in the standing army and reserve service soldiers to do the same." Letter to Ariel Sharon

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