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Fort Worth, Texas, TX: Tunnel of Oppression
Tuesday, April 13th 2010  3 p.m - 10 p.m.

TCU “TUNNEL OF OPPRESSION” Palestine will be a focus of one of the rooms in the annual “Tunnel of Oppression” during CommUNITY Week at TCU. The student group TCU Peace Action will sponsor a room in the “Tunnel of Oppression’” depicting the current reality in Palestine. Continuous on-going tours through the tunnel will take place from 3 PM to 10 PM,daily from April 13-15th. Discussions will be held with participants following each tour. Another focus will be “The Villages”. A flag display will represent the names of the over 400 Palestinian villages that were destroyed in 1948 with the creation of the state of Israel. PLACE: Texas Christian University Brown Lupton University Union Building in the Auditorium and flag display in the Campus Commons. 2901 Stadium Drive Visitor Parking Across the Street Free and Open to the Public Reply Forward New window Print all Sponsored Links Minority Graduate Scholarship Find Minority Graduate Scholarship. Search In Your Local Area Now. DoTellAll.com Apply for Scholarships Scholarships totaling $12,000, no restrictions. Enter today for free. ScholarshipWinnings.org University of Phoenix Grants and Scholarships Available. Explore Your Options. Get Info Now! Phoenix.edu Don't Pay For School Get A Scholarship For Free. For How Much Do You Qualify? ProgramAdvisor.com/Scholarships Online Marketing Degree Westwood Degree Programs. Develop New Business Skills. Apply Now! www.Westwood.edu More about... The Villages » Villages FL » Villages Florida » Everglades FL » Scholarships to College » University Aid Scholarships » Free Scholarship Grants » Easy Scholarships » About these links « Back to Sent Mail Archive Report spam Delete Move to Inbox Labels More actions ‹ Newer 8 of 180 Older › Use Google Desktop to access your Gmail messages even when you're offline. You are currently using 98 MB (1%) of your 7441 MB. Last account activity: 23 minutes ago on this computer. Details Gmail view: standard | turn off chat | turn off buzz | older version | basic HTML Learn more ©2010 Google - Terms - Privacy Policy - Buzz Privacy Policy - Gmail Blog - Join the Gmail team - Google Home

McAllen, TX, TX: April 15, 2010 Tabling on Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
Thursday, April 15th 2010  10:00 am - 2:00 pm

The Arridwan Islamic Society of the Rio Grande Valley is tabling on: WHEN? Thursday, April 15, 2010 WHAT TIME? 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. WHERE? Outside Post Office at corner of Pecan Ave. & McColl St., McAllen, TX.

Arlilngton, TX: Action at UlTA Store Regarding Selling of Ahava Products
Saturday, November 6th 2010  2 pm - 4 pm

A protest action at the ULTA store, regarding their selling of Ahava products, which are manufactured on stolen land in the West Bank by Israeli settlers and sold in the United States.

Fort Worth, TX: Protest of Israeli Products at ULTA Store
Saturday, December 11th 2010  1:30 P.M.

Protest Action at ULTA Store in Fort Worth, Texas to urg boycotting of Alava producets, manufactured by Israel illegally on stolen land in the West Band