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10th Annual National Organizers' Conference Steering Committee Elections

Complete the form below to stand for election to the Steering Committee of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation at the 10th Annual National Organizers' Conference.

The Steering Committee is the highest decision-making body of the US Campaign between annual conferences.  It is responsible for policy decisions, strategic planning, fundraising, and personnel decisions. 

For more information on the Steering Committee, voting, and US Campaign procedures, please read the Organization Rules.

The Steering Committee currently comprises 12 volunteers who are elected by our membership annually to serve a three-year term.  At this year's Organizers’ Conference, four positions will be filled.

Members of the Steering Committee are expected to:
* Participate in monthly conference calls with US Campaign staff
* Attend two face-to-face meetings each year in Washington, DC, at their own expense
* Do phone-banking across our coalition during fundraising and membership drives
* Work with staff and Steering Committee members on other fundraising initiatives

Other Steering Committee activities may include:

* Facilitating one of the US Campaign’s action-oriented task forces
* Representing the US Campaign at national and international conference and meetings
* Writing resource materials

Steering Committee members are expected to contribute at least 10 hours per month to the US Campaign.

All nominees must agree to fulfill the responsibilities described above and in the Organization Rules if elected to the Steering Committee.  All nominees must also read and agree to abide by the US Campaign's Call to Action if they run for the Steering Committee.

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* Why should you be elected to the Steering Committee of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (maximum 100 words)?
* Please describe your experience and background in grassroots activism, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, US policy, fundraising, and other skills and knowledge (maximum 200 words).
* I have read the responsibilities of a Steering Committee member above and in the Organization Rules and agree to accept them if elected to the Steering Committee.
* I have read and agreed with the US Campaign's call to action and will work within its parameters as a member of the Steering Committee if elected.
* Please initial this box to indicate that you have read and agreed to everything on this page.
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