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Israeli Accountability Campaign

What is the Israeli Accountability Campaign?
The Israeli Accountability Campaign (IAC) seeks to build upon the existing law suit against former Israeli military official Moshe Ya'alon alleging that he committed war crimes for his role in the 1996 Qana massacre. The IAC draws a connection between Israel's attack in 1996 and July 2006 and provides advocates with an organzing packet to both educate and mobilize their communities to demand Israeli Accountability for both attacks against Lebanese civilians in Qana.
National Lawyers Guild Letter of Endorsement
The National Lawyers Guild joins the US Campaign to demand Israeli Accountability.
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee letter of endorsement
The ADC joins the US Campaign to demand Israeli Accountability.
Letter to your Congressperson
Write to your Congressional representative and urge them to conduct an Arms Export Control Act Investigation into whether US-supplied arms were used in Israel's attacks agaist Qana in 1996 and 2006. Also encourage your Senators to support Senator Fenstein's forthcoming legislation to prohibit federal funding for cluster bombs.
Advocacy Postcard
Get 10, 20...100 of these postcards signed to tell Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice that you demand Israeli accountability for the massacres in Qana.
Fact Sheet: Israeli Accountability Now, Massacres in Qana, Lebanon--1996 and 2006
This fact sheet makes the connection between the massacre in Qana in 1996 and ten years later 2006. It describes the efforts being made to hold Israel accountable, the role of US foreign policy, and what you can do help bring justice and make peace in the Middle East.
DVD: Universal Jurisdiction, Prosecuting Israeli Crimes in US Courts
Use this 28-minute DVD to educate your community about the legal efforts internationally, and particularly in the US, being made to hold Israel accountable for its war crimes.