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About this page

Black Americans from different parts of the political spectrum have, from time to time, spoken publicly concerning the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, generally calling for Israeli compliance with United Nations resolutions; withdrawal to the June 1967 boundaries; and the resolution of outstanding issues on the basis of peace and mutual respect.  This support for human rights and national self-determination has been consistent with Black American opposition to Western colonialism in Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean dating back to the 19th century, including opposition to settler-racism, such as that practiced over centuries by Australia against the Aboriginal peoples, or the infamous systems of white minority rule in Southern Africa.

The hope that African Americans shared with many other peoples around the world for a just and peaceful resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, went largely unanswered to a great degree because the US government, rather than play the role of the honest broker, consistently supported the actions of the Israeli government irrespective of the consequences facing the Palestinian people.

This webpage is dedicated to both building new and strengthening existing bridges between Black Americans and the Arab World.  This site does not romanticize
this relationship, nor does it represent an attempt to gloss over contradictions that have existed either between Black Americans and Arabs (including Arab Americans), or contradictions within the Arab world that concern matters of race. Rather, the site aims to be a repository of information and a medium of exchange between two peoples that have suffered historically as a result of various forms of national
oppression, colonialism and racism.   Submissions are encouraged of articles, commentaries, and scholarly pieces that relate to the broad category of Black
American/African and Arab American/Arab relations. The site will prioritize the promotion of a better understanding of issues relative to Palestine and why it remains a critical arena in the struggle for social justice.

This page is maintained by members of the US Campaign’s Advisory Board as well as Campaign volunteers.