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Thank You for Making the 7th Annual National Organizers' Conference, Grassroots Training Institute & Lobby Day a Huge Success!

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation's 7th Annual National Organizers' Conference, was successfully held during the weekend July 25-28 in Washington, DC at American University's Main Campus.

We elected a new steering committee, successfully voted on proposals, and led informative Grassroots Training Institutes.

Conference Report
Read the full five-page conference report.
Annual Report September 2007-July 2008
Click here to review the Annual Report since our last conference in Arlington, VA.
A Wildly Successful Friday Night Discussion with Norman Finkelstein!
Norman Finkelstein spoke at a well-attended event at the opening night of US Campaign's 7th Annual National Organizers' Conference in Washington, DC.
Read the Proposals, as Amended and Adopted
Click here to download and read the proposals as amended and adopted.
Grassroots Training Institute (GTI)
We are making some of the materials of the GTI workshops readily available under this section.