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Talking Points

Audio/Visual Resources

Anti-Apartheid Training Curriculum

Anti-Apartheid Poster Set

Using our Anti-Apartheid Resources

We understand that each of our member groups has a distinct mandate and mode of operation. For that reason, we’re offering you this organizing packet not as a project for you to undertake but instead as a resource you can use in your education and outreach efforts. We suggest that you and your organization use these materials to compliment your existing initiatives.

1) When you hold a teach-in on the humanitarian conditions in Gaza, on the media bias in mainstream US media, on the death of Rachel Corrie and the role of CAT bulldozers, or on any other topic related to your mandate, use your event as an opportunity to hang the posters, and make the fact sheets and DVDs available. 

2) When you attend conferences and have the opportunity to distribute resources either at a table or during your workshop, use that opportunity to distribute the fact sheets and DVDs.

If you want to be more proactive about using the organizing packet, you can do the suggestions above, plus:

1) Organize a teach-in to introduce the concept of Israeli apartheid policies.
a. Call the talk, “Is Israel an Apartheid state?”
b. Invite speakers who can address this question. They should not necessarily be just in favor this concept but your speakers can address a variety of perspectives.
c. Hang the posters, make the fact sheets and the DVDs available for distribution.

2) Organize a house party to show the DVDs
a. We have made 2 DVDs available to you. Each of these is a lecture given by prominent activists on the parallels of Apartheid in South Africa and Israel.
b. Invite your friends and colleagues over to your home to watch the DVDs and have a frank discussion about it afterwards.

3) Put the Public Service Announcement on your local television stations.
a. We have provided you with a one-minute PSA produced by Imagine Life.
b. Contact your local television station about putting this PSA on the air.

4) Request an Anti-Apartheid Framework training from the US Campaign. We are presently developing a curriculum to train our member organizations on how to use an anti-apartheid framework. Once we are done we will have representatives who can conduct these trainings nationally. If you are interested, please write to Noura at organizing@endtheoccupation.org.

5) Submit op-eds to your local papers explaining the anti-apartheid framework.  Use our talking points (below) and media action tools to write an op-ed, write a letter to the editor, or meet with media management to discuss why apartheid is happening today in Israel/Palestine.

6) Use your education and outreach efforts to launch a divestment campaign on your university, in your city, and/or in your place of worship. For more information on how to launch a divestment campaign, please refer to the BDS 101 power point presentation, and/or write to our national organizer.

Fact sheets

A Closer Look at Israel's Apartheid Policies

Answers to Questions Commonly Asked by US Campaign Member Groups

Parallels Between Apartheid in South Africa & Israeli Policies

Caterpillar Destroys Homes, Builds Apartheid

The Role of Unions in Ending Apartheid

Why "Apartheid" Applies to Israeli Policies

Talking Points

Use these talking points about Israeli apartheid when talking to the media and designing your campaign materials.  Click here to see our talking points.

Audio Visual Resources

PowerPoint Presentations

BDS as a Solution to Israeli Apartheid

BDS 101: 

Raising awareness about Israeli apartheid policies will certainly generate the drive to do something about it. To help you and your organization channel that energy, we’ve created a BDS 101 power point presentation. The presentation addresses what BDS is, why we should engage in it, how we can engage in it, and answers frequently asked questions.                  

Click here to download the BDS 101 presentation.

Read more on how to use the materials by clicking here.

Films / DVDs

Use film to educate your community about life under Israeli apartheid and occupation.  Click here to check out a wide range of films about Palestinian life, culture, and resistance.


Watch our collection of YouTube videos exploring Israel's apartheid practices toward PalestiniansClick here to view our "Speaking Out Against Apartheid" YouTube playlist.

Watch US Campaign Steering Committee member William Fletcher, Jr. address the United Nations about Israeli apartheid.  Click here to view this address.

Anti-Apartheid Training Curriculum

Use our anti-apartheid training curriculum to better acquaint your group with the legal definition of apartheid and how it is applied to Israeli treatment of Palestinians.  Click here to download our Anti-Apartheid Training Curriculum in PDF.

Anti-Apartheid Poster Set

Click here to order a set of our anti-apartheid posters, featuring Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and more.

In the News
The debate about Israeli Apartheid policies is making headlines globally. Check out what people are saying here.

Member Group Resources on Apartheid
Find out what resources are available from our Member Organization using the Anti-Apartheid framework.