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End the Siege of Gaza, November 2-8

On November 4th, 2008 the Israeli military broke a four-month cease-fire with Hamas. Low-low intensity warfare and an ongoing crippling siege then continued until Israel's Dec. 27-Jan 18 assault on the Gaza Strip.  Today, the situation in Gaza has deteriorated even further, with 1.5 million civilians continuing to live amidst rubble, dependent on inadequate UN food deliveries, lacking even hearing aids and school books.  Use the following strategies and tools to end Israel's illegal siege on Gaza!

Thursday, November 5th: Media Action Day to End the Siege of Gaza
Take Action in the Media on Thursday, November 5th. This is the one year anniversary of Israel's breaking the cease-fire in Gaza. Use our media action tools to remind your local papers, radio stations, and online media.
Tell Congress to End the Siege of Gaza
Find out more about setting up a meeting with your Members of Congress. Use these meetings to demand that the Gaza Freedom Marchers be allowed through the Rafah crossing and that the U.S. government pressure Israel to end the siege of Gaza.
Menu of Actions
Please use our menu of actions to organize a teach-in, film screening, vigil or other event to mark the week of action to end the siege of the Gaza strip.
Register your event on our website
Registering your event will get it posted on our website and let other people know how to get involved.
Flier for Gaza Freedom March
Distribute this flier at your End the Siege events November 2-8 to inform others about the upcoming Gaza Freedom March and how they can get involved.
Speakers Bureau to End the Siege of Gaza
These experts, who have all been to Gaza recently, are available to speak at your events.
Gaza Freedom March
The US Campaign has endorsed the Gaza Freedom March. Join human rights advocates from around the world on a march into the Gaza Strip from Egypt, December 27-January 2. Find more, including fundraising tips and the registration form, here.
Films focused on the Gaza Strip
Use these films during your events during the end the siege week of action.
More resources to end the siege of the Gaza Strip
Find organizations that directly challenge the siege by taking humanitarian aid to Gaza. Also get the facts from the United Nations and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights.