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Take Action

Send a message to Motorola management, sign our boycott pledge, and get the latest action-updates.

Send a message to Moto's Management
Use our template to send an email to Motorola's CEO, Greg Brown, and their VP for Investor relations, Dean Lindroth, telling them to take a stand on how their products are used in Israel/Palestine
Don't Buy Apartheid? Don't Buy Motorola!
Support the Hang Up On Motorola boycott by signing our pledge not to buy Moto products until they stop supporting Israeli apartheid.
Moto Sells Bomb Fuse Department!
April 3rd, 2009
This is the first victory for our boycott! Read our analysis of this sale and find out what you can do to support our continued calls to Motorola for justice in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and view media coverage of this boycott victory.
As Presbyterians Vote on Divestment, A Note from United Methodists
The US Campaign Is On The Ground In Pittsburgh & Needs Your Help!
Victory! Credo Mobile Hangs Up On Motorola
December 16th, 2009
Our supporters have been asking Credo Mobile to dump Motorola for over a year and now they no longer offer Motorola phones. Use our action form to send Credo a thank you email.